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Stay Safe: What Cleaning Products Not To Mix

Noah HoitSep 21, 20238 min read

KEY TAKEAWAYS Never Mix Bleach and Acids: Combining bleach with acids like vinegar or lemon…

How To Seal Butcher Block Countertops the Right Way

Britt OlizarowiczSep 19, 202314 min read

Sealing butcher block countertops can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve navigated…

How To Get Pen Out of Leather Safely and Quickly

Britt OlizarowiczSep 17, 202311 min read

Years ago, while I was working on a writing assignment on my mother’s leather ottoman,…

How To Clean Inside of Shoes and Stop the Stink

Noah HoitSep 17, 202310 min read

I appreciate being able to work from home for several reasons, including those that not…

Best Oil to Season Blackstone: Make the Right Choice

Noah HoitSep 14, 202315 min read

Perfectly cooked food and easy cleanup aren’t the only reasons I use my Blackstone whenever…

How to clean battery corrosion in toys

How to Clean Battery Corrosion in Toys: Quick and Effective Methods

Britt OlizarowiczSep 13, 20239 min read

My son’s wooden train set was his absolute favorite toy for a solid five-year stretch.…

How To Clean Soap Scum off Glass Shower Doors Easily

Britt OlizarowiczSep 12, 20239 min read

Living close to the water, we decided to install an outdoor shower to rinse the…

How To Remove Odor From Carpet: Safe & Effective Methods

Noah HoitSep 10, 202311 min read

Since becoming a family man, I’m increasingly in tune with and appreciative of a house’s…

Best Way To Clean Old Coins: Get Them Gleaming Now

Britt OlizarowiczSep 8, 202313 min read

I collected coins as a kid, and I remember cleaning dirty coins with water and…

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