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Choosing the Best House Cleaning for Seniors

House cleaning for seniors

Has house cleaning become increasingly challenging for you or an elderly loved one? Whether it’s the physical strain or lacking motivation, maintaining a tidy home is no small task, especially for seniors.

Let’s face it: house cleaning is labor intensive. It’s important to make sure you or an elderly family member are still maintaining a clean and organized home. Whether you are looking for housekeeping services for family members, elderly parents, or yourself, this house cleaning for seniors guide should give you all the information you need. 

What Are The House Cleaning Services for Seniors? 

Senior cleaning services span from basic weekly routines to detailed deep cleaning. Here are some common offerings by cleaning companies tailored for seniors:

  • Regular Cleaning. A standard routine encompassing dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and ensuring overall cleanliness
  • Deep Cleaning. A less frequent but more thorough cleaning, including tasks such as grout scrubbing, wall washing, baseboard cleaning, and blinds dusting
  • Kitchen Cleaning. Emphasis on washing cabinets, cleaning appliances, and maintaining counters
  • Laundry Services. Involves washing, drying, and folding laundry, as well as putting away clothes after cleaning tasks are finished
  • Window Cleaning. Typically limited to glass surfaces and done just a few times a year 
  • Carpet Cleaning. Spot cleaning of carpets, addressing hand stains, pet spots, allergens and more 
  • Organizing Services. More than just cleaning a senior’s home, helping them declutter, donate, and organize their belongings 
  • Seasonal Cleaning. A housekeeping service that comes in quarterly and helps senior citizens to prepare for the next few months 

What Does Light Housekeeping Mean?

Light housekeeping services include things like dusting, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, washing dishes, moping, and straightening up the home to make it a clean environment. For seniors who appreciate a tidy home, home cleaning services that offer light housekeeping should be enough. 

However, when it comes to a deep clean, the light services may not be enough. Deep cleaning typically handles things like stain removal from furniture, thorough appliance or sink cleaning, and changing of bed linens (comforters and duvet covers). 

How To Choose House Cleaning Services for Seniors

Choosing house cleaning services for seniors, often purchased by a child or caregiver, for an elderly family member, requires understanding the senior’s preferences and needs.

Some seniors like to participate in keeping a clean house, including light sweeping, wiping counters, and dusting. Others prefer being hands-off.. 

It’s important to understand the cleanliness level a senior expects to make sure that the service’s value aligns with the cost. 

Consider using a specialized service like a referral agency to help match you and your senior with a service provider that specializes in senior cleaning services. 

Can Home Caregivers Help With House Cleaning? 

One of the most common questions we get is, are caregivers supposed to clean the house? 

This situation entirely depends on the caregiver that you have. When it comes to senior house cleaning services, consider what the caregiver is already doing in a day.

Sometimes, washing a few dishes or sweeping up a room is considered standard. However, washing windows and cleaning baseboards is likely not included in standard caregiving services.

How To Choose The Best Cleaning Service 

These are a few considerations when choosing the best cleaning service for a senior or an elderly family member’s home.

Word of Mouth Recommendation

Consider using a cleaning service recommended by friends or family. Many seniors are concerned about letting strangers into their home without trusted endorsements.

Range of Services Offered 

While basic cleaning might be enough, ask about the company’s full range of services. Many seniors, once they trust a service, may want more, like window washing or bathtub cleaning, so a diverse service offering can be very convenient.


Always get a few quotes. Some companies charge more because of the cleaning products they use or the drive to your senior’s home. Others are just starting out and building a client base, so they charge less. Just be sure you know what you are paying for.

Consistency of People 

Having the same person visit each time is very comforting for most seniors. Look for companies that can offer consistent assistance as well as individual(s) they send to the home. 

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a House Cleaning Service

  • Are respiratory issues becoming a problem due to dust and dirt accumulation? 
  • Is the value of the home decreasing due to lack of maintenance, care and cleanliness? 
  • Is clutter or cleanliness the real problem?
  • Are there safety hazards like tripping risks due to unclean or cluttered areas?
  • Does the lack of a clean environment affect the senior’s mental well-being or overall happiness?
  • How much can your senior still do to keep the home clean?
  • How often are cleaning services really needed? 

These questions should guide you as you decide which cleaning service is best for your home.

When Should I Consider House Cleaning Services?

If health issues make tasks like vacuuming, laundry, or dishwashing challenging, consider hiring a cleaning service. Overexerting oneself can risk a senior’s overall health and safety. Many seniors, often having fewer messes than a busy young family, might just need light housekeeping.

Can I Get Help Paying for House Cleaning Services?

There are some Medicare Advantage plans that help seniors pay for certain housekeeping activities to improve their quality of life. You need to check based on the senior’s age and the services offered in your area whether or not this is an option. 

In addition, it makes sense to check into local charities where you can get free in-home help from young people willing to help seniors who have trouble maintaining their own homes. 

Staying in your home as long as possible is a tremendous accomplishment for an aging loved one. Sometimes, the assistance of cleaning services is all it takes to make that happen. 

Ready To Make House Cleaning for Seniors a Breeze?

Anita’s Housekeeping Referral Agency is here to help. Request a service to specify your concerns and requirements for a tailored match. Prefer to speak with someone? Call any of our local offices to get personalized assistance.


Britt Olizarowicz