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After registering her cleaning business with Anita’s in 2020, Heather now has a cleaning van and four employees.

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Heather K of Santa Cruz, Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Service.

Hear From Providers who made Anita’s work for them

I used to work for a cleaning company until last month when I started working with Anita’s. I get paid more through their referrals, get more jobs, and still have the flexibility I want.
Martha of Bubbles Cleaning Services, Santa Cruz
Because I already have another part-time job I really love, being able to take just a couple of jobs a week through Anita’s has been really helpful.
Maria of Wake Up Cleaning, San Jose
Working with Anita’s is convenient, because the flexible hours fit perfectly into my schedule. Plus, I appreciate working with a company that is run professionally by great office staff.
Renee of Renee’s Cleaning, San Diego
I enjoy working with Anita’s because of the flexibility. It allows me to earn money, so I am able to take care of my grand kids!
Martha of Martha’s Cleaning Services, San Diego
As a single mother I do enjoy how flexible working for myself is. I feel safe knowing my clients are screened going through Anita’s!
Erica, San Diego
What I like best is being in control of my schedule and that the agency helps me reschedule my booking when I travel on vacation!
Yolanda, San Diego

Have the freedom to set your own rates, make your own schedule, and spend more time with family or choose when to work.