About Us

We help people care for their home, and empower small businesses to grow.

Since 1994, we have been matching California’s best house cleaning companies with clients seeking cleaning services based on their requirements, priorities, locations, and budgets. A significant portion of the providers and clients have remained active in our network for 20+ years.

Rather than spending time researching and interviewing cleaning companies, when you call Anita’s you are talking to a real person who can do all the searching, interviewing, and qualifying for you.

If you like the cleaning provider(s) we match you with, we can help you book; if not, no problem, we are happy to give you suggestions, ideas, or make introductions that we think we will help you get closer to what you need quickly.

Real People, Real Service

We believe there is a limit to how much you can automate or do things with technology. That’s why we limit our focus to serving clients and providers in California, and have real people answering calls, texts, and emails from 9 AM until 5 PM Pacific, Monday through Sunday.

We also know your neighborhood, because our team members are either in your neighborhood or within a 15-minute drive from your home. Cities where service providers are currently active include San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, and Sacramento. And, that’s already a lot for us, so we are not looking to expand.

Our mission is to give local service providers a platform where they can market their business, and connect them with clients looking for screened, vetted, and quality choices. We are not a cleaning company, so we do not employ any of the providers. Providers are responsible for their service, and clients are responsible for their choice.

Meet Our Team

Meg Paje

Client Services – Riverside

Meg is passionate about delivering the highest quality of client service. Always the last person to leave the office, Meg is adamant about making sure that every client is taken care of before we call it a day. She strives to deliver with the level of consistency, reliability, and flexibility our clients have come to expect and appreciate. As a former customer service agent at a major airline, she also brings with her experience and insights that have been instrumental in the continual evaluation and improvement of our client service policies. In addition to onboarding new clients and facilitating the provider matching process, she also contributes to the design and graphics of our editorial efforts.

Catalina Ochoa

Client Services – San Diego

Catalina is a strong believer that exceptional client experience requires an unwavering commitment to seizing every interaction as an opportunity to earn and keep trust. A veteran in the field of customer success, Catalina has over five years of experience supporting technology and service-based companies ranging from regional SMBs to global enterprises. At Anita’s, she is constantly in the front line with clients and service providers, helping to create helpful matches and build meaningful client-provider connections that, in many instances, have lasted for years and continue to grow. Catalina also manages small business accounts that include one-person cleaning companies to partner teams across all of our key markets.

Amanda Portillo

Client Services – Santa Cruz

Amanda began her career in early childhood education before applying her passion in helping others and building relationships to advancing the mission of helping homeowners and empowering small businesses. Since then, Amanda has worked with hundreds of clients at Anita’s across seven key geographic markets in California to help them find the right service provider for their housekeeping needs. She strives to apply attention to detail and empathy in every interaction with her clients, and prides herself on the number of successful matches she’s helped to facilitate. In addition to supporting clients, she also manages large provider accounts that have ten or more cleaners.
David Liu

David Liu

Provider Services, San Jose

David leads the onboarding and ongoing support for service providers in our network. He also works closely with our development team to design, implement, and improve our proprietary technologies to enable the entrepreneurs using our platform to grow their cleaning businesses. Previously, he owned and operated a thriving house cleaning company in Santa Cruz called Dynamic House Cleaning. With that experience, he regularly contributes to our blog by sharing his insights and knowledge with our researchers and writers.

Emily Alexander

Researcher and Writer

Emily is a writer with more than five years of experience creating well-researched online content. She loves a good puzzle, including finding the ideal way to organize her home, eliminating tough stains, and uncovering the best solution for cleaning issues of all kinds. Her personal experience and desire to solve problems make her an excellent source for helpful organizing methods and cleaning tips. She also has a B.A. in English and Political Science. 

Security and PRIVACY

We take trust and security seriously. Before cleaners can register with Anita’s, we conduct background checks that verifies the following:

  • Legal Status
  • Criminal Background Check (State and Nationwide)
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Sex Registry Search

We also ask providers for professional references, including current and past clients or employers. Because we know how much clients value experience and reliability, we also ask for information from providers that demonstrate these qualities.

All client, provider, and reader information provided to us or we collect are handled with care and in accordance with policies outlined in our strict Privacy Policy.

EDITORIAL Guidelines

While we display ads on our website anitashousekeeping.com, our content is produced independently, held to rigorous standards of quality, accuracy and integrity, and without input or influence from advertisers.

Our writers work closely with experts or researchers, and follow thorough editing and fact-checking protocols. Additionally, our editors and researcher periodically fact-check, update, and “prune” our published content to make sure that our information is accurate, relevant, and up to date.

Have a question, suggestion, or feedback for our editors? Email them at [email protected]

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Our local offices are throughout California, but you can send us letters at 7960 Soquel Dr, Suite B 176, Aptos, CA 95003. You can email us at [email protected] If you have questions about booking cleaning service or signing up to be a service provider, visit our Contact Us page to get in touch.