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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Moms of All Kinds

Daughter handing a small gift to her mother

Contrary to popular belief, kids shouldn’t listen to their parents. 

At least, not when Mother’s Day is approaching.

Mom will always insist that you get her nothing on her special day, but you know well enough to ignore that nonsense. As the person who helped make you who you are and supplied the opportunities you’ve enjoyed in life, she’s well worth the show of love and appreciatiobn.

Still, when mom’s not dropping hints, it turns getting her something extra special into a tremendously tall task. If you need some extra help making her special day memorable, check out our complete Mother’s Day gift guide for every kind of mom out there.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Traveling Mom

Nothing creates fond memories like traveling to new and exciting places. Whether she is already a regular jet-setter or just a dreamer waiting for the right opportunity, almost any mom will appreciate you supporting their wanderlust.

Garden Gifts for the Mom with a Green Thumb

Is your mom more at home in the garden than, well, in the home? Whether she’s tending a veggie and herb garden for the farmer’s market or creating incredible landscaping displays for maximum curb appeal, many mothers will appreciate anything that feeds their need to weed. Get inspired with these cute, quirky, and practical presents for the gardening savant in the family.

Self-Care Gifts to Pamper Mom

Mothers work hard, and they deserve a few perfect moments in the day to relax the way they want. A daily spa trip might be out of reach, but there are tons of ways to bring the experience to them. 

For the mom who obsesses over beauty products or would appreciate nothing more than a sleek dry brush set, hairdryer, or acupressure mat, check out these great gifts to help her refresh and rejuvenate.

Practical Presents for the No-Nonsense Mom

Cute Mother’s Day gifts are fine, but if it’s just going to end up on a shelf and forgotten when the novelty dies off, it doesn’t always feel like the best investment. In most cases, the best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones she will use time and time again, like these attractive tools for around the house.

Gift Ideas for Mom’s Home Office

More people are bringing their work home with them since the pandemic. If mom’s still in the process of outfitting her perfect home office, the right present could be a brand new desktop gadget, a rose gold coffee mug to get her through a long day of work, or a soothing succulent to bring peace to her workspace. 

Take a peek around her room when you get a chance, and see if there’s a spot for these thoughtful office gifts.

Nifty Gifts for Tech-Obsessed Moms

When mom likes being the first to get the hottest new gadget, nothing less than a high-tech present will do. It’s not the easiest present to buy because it can be hard staying ahead of early adopters. Plus, buying a new phone or tablet can get out of budget fast.

Look at more uncommon goods, and you can find awesome gifts they’d never think to get themselves. Get some inspiration to shop for your tech-obsessed mom or mother-in-law with these familiar and not-so-familiar devices.

Liqueurs and Libations for Stressed-Out Moms

We haven’t done a peer-reviewed study, but we’d estimate that nine out of 10 moms could use a drink right about now. 

Being needed is stressful, especially when you have your own life to manage on top of everyone else’s. When work, kids, and a crazy house are getting to be too much, a bottle of wine delivered at the right moment is worth its weight in gold.

Workout Gifts for the Fitness-Focused Mom

If your mom prefers a kale smoothie over a hot cup of coffee in the morning and could probably take you in an arm-wrestling contest, she’ll appreciate anything that adds to her workout collection. 

Maybe she is complaining about having a tight back after exercising or wearing a hole in her best pair of running shoes. Talk to her about her favorite fitness routines to get some Mother’s Day ideas, or check out these beneficial bits of gear she is sure to enjoy.

Brewable Gifts for the Mom Who Loves Caffeine

If your mom prefers a hot cup of coffee over a kale smoothie in the morning and is probably too wired to arm wrestle you, something to sate her caffeine addiction might be a good Mother’s Day gift idea. 

Java, tea, and brewing accessories often make the perfect present, always supplying a certain comfort and coziness. A simple mug with a personalized print is a classic (as long as it’s dishwasher safe), but you’d be surprised by the number of ways that you can make the daily fix even better. Help her experience brewed beverages in whole new ways with these tea and coffee-centric selections.

Dazzling Diamonds and Delights for Jewelry-Crazed Moms

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and it turns out that most moms like them too! If she is into glitz and glam she can wear out on the town, look for a great gift that helps her shine. There are thousands of expensive jewelry items out there, but if you don’t want to break the bank, try these awesome gifts that will ensure she’s always looking her best.

Cool Culinary Gifts for Moms Who Love to Cook

Moms often have a certain knack around the kitchen. If yours takes home cooking to competitive levels, some handy utensils can help her elevate her game. She might use a slick new knife set, or maybe there’s just enough space in the corner to fit an air fryer. 

When mom likes to cook, she’ll find joy in even the smallest gesture to make life in the kitchen easier. Besides, when it’s easier for mom to whip up delicious grub, it’s a win for everyone.

Services and Subscriptions to Help Mom Relax

The best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that keep on giving. By gifting her subscriptions and services, you offer your mom something to look forward to and get excited about every month.

You could finally get her that gym membership she’s been wanting or buy her a free day of R&R and schedule a house cleaner

Shameless plugs aside, signing your mom up for a recurring offer is a convenient way to open up a world of experiences for her. Even though we know she’ll love the help around the house that only a professional cleaner can provide, we’re also sure she’ll enjoy these subscription services.

  • Snack Crate, a monthly box of snacks from around the globe
  • Stitch Fix, a clothing box tailor-made to suit her style
  • FabFitFun, a seasonal box of full-sized beauty equipment

Tasty Treats for Moms with a Sweet Tooth

Is your mom the type to enjoy the occasional sugar rush? Of course she is! 

Everybody loves a good piece of candy, whether as a guilty pleasure or a central part of their diet. But as much as your mom will love a gift that satisfies her sweet tooth, dropping an enormous bag of candy in her lap isn’t the most elegant gesture. Instead, check out these gift ideas that are sure to hit the spot.

Creative Gifts for Crafty Moms

An artistic mom deserves a special gift that helps her flex her creativity and DIY spirit. Fortunately, most moms who like doing crafty activities are willing to try new things. 

There’s tons of innovative technology out there to take projects to whole new heights and old-fashioned tools of the trade to teach mom a unique skill. Check out these cunning contraptions to get you started on finding her next crafting adventure.

Lazy Gifts for the Mom Who Loves to Lounge

Here’s to the moms who aren’t afraid to take a load off after a hard day involving chasing children and running errands. Whenever she has some downtime, she skips the tennis shoes and opts for a cozy pair of slippers, her sights set on her favorite show and a snuggly blanket. 

If your mom loves nothing more than to lounge like the queen she is, now could be your chance to ramp the comfort up a notch with these luxurious Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Puzzles for Moms Who Like to Sharpen Their Minds

Does your mom take pride in her puzzles? Instead of winding down with a bowl of popcorn and a movie, she’s more at ease with a glass of wine and a Sudoku book. It’s a joy shopping for moms who like to keep their minds razor-sharp because they’re always up for a new challenge. Give her a gift she’ll love with these puzzling presents guaranteed to give her a mental workout.

Outdoorsy Gifts for Adventurous Moms

When you’ve got a mom who adores the great outdoors, the best Mother’s Day gift you can get is something to fulfill her yen for camping, hiking, and kayaking. There’s no point in getting her a cool phone accessory because she’s never in service anyways. And she won’t appreciate the luxurious body wash or perfumes since she’ll be breaking a sweat in no time. 

Instead, she’ll do better with a high-end camera for incredible mountaintop photos, a new bag for day hikes, or any of these neat pieces of outdoor gear.

Gifts for Moms Who Love a Sweet-Smelling Home

A scented candle might be a cliche gift for any other mother, but it’s just perfect for the mom who loves nothing more than an aromatic abode. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s potpourri, perfume, or a delightful body lotion set — if it smells like heaven, she’ll be head over heels for it. Help her celebrate her big day with these sensational sensory delights.

Helpful Gifts for New Moms

If anybody is going to appreciate a practical gift, it’s a new mom. She’s dealing with constant crying, breastfeeding, stretch marks, and roughly zero hours of sleep, along with a thousand other daily frustrations. 

Take your pick because there are a million ways you can add more ease to her day. It would be great if there was a complete newborn baby starter kit, but you can help the new parent in your life build her own with these thoughtful additions.

Gag Gifts to Mess with Mom

For the lady who has everything she needs, all you can do is give her something she doesn’t need whatsoever. Gag gifts are fun for everyone, and even though they may not last beyond the initial laugh, nothing feels better than making her smile.

Retro Gifts for Nostalgic Moms

Memories and emotions tie themselves into vintage pieces. For nostalgic sorts, an heirloom or piece of classic memorabilia is more than an item. It’s a chance to reflect, re-experience, and feel forgotten sensations in a brand new way. They’re trendy, tasteful, and often a safe choice, but retro gifts are also more meaningful for sentimental moms than you may realize.

Comfy and Cozy Clothing Ideas

What mom doesn’t like a great gift they can wear around the house? Every mom’s wardrobe has space for one more article, so help her fill out the closet with extra comfy clothes and accessories she can’t wait to wear.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

We’ve gone through the essential pet tools that every owner should have, but if mom’s arsenal is already well-stocked, there are always clever tools and materials to make life with cats and dogs even better. Treats go a long way, but if you’re looking for something with more staying power, check out these neat devices for mom’s other child.

Tips for Picking the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Did we give you too many ideas? If you’re still unsure what kind of gift would be perfect for the special lady in your life, let’s turn to some more experts.

According to a survey by GiftingWho, women prefer experience gifts above all others, followed by clothing and home decor gifts. Individuals over 65 overwhelmingly want clothing and accessories, so stick with a nice sweater when gifting for grandma. Giving a gag present isn’t as popular with women, so if you’ve got a great joke in mind, make sure you know your audience!

Perspectives on Buying an Excellent Present

No matter which direction you go with your Mother’s Day present, don’t fret over spending a bunch of money or getting something more unique than the typical candle and cards. It’s all about what she will appreciate, and there are plenty of people who enjoy a good candle!

The BBC suggests making it simple and picking gifts based on shared interests. If you were buying for yourself, what would you appreciate? If that doesn’t work, you can get a can’t-fail idea by talking to her! She deserves a fitting present, so it’s better to swallow your pride and ask than to assume and miss the mark.

Making the Perfect Mother’s Day

Now’s the time to put your knowledge of your own mom to the test and pick out the ultimate mother’s day gift. You can talk to other family members and her close friends for advice, but even a basic understanding of her hobbies is enough to get you started.

What does your mom do from the time she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep? What would she like to do? How can you make the day more convenient, relaxing, or stimulating? 

It doesn’t matter if the gift is big or small, inexpensive or over-the-top — if she’s going to enjoy using it, you’ve done a fantastic job!

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