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Kitchen Cleaning: Top 8 Tips Approved by the Pros

Woman wiping down kitchen cabinets with a cleaning cloth.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it stands to reason that it’s one room that needs to be regularly cleaned. The kitchen is where families cook and eat together and where we spend so much of our time throughout the day. From ovens to countertops and fridges to sinks, there is no end to the different messes that need to be cleaned in our kitchens.

The best tip for keeping your kitchen clean is to be proactive and clean as you go, rather than letting jobs pile up. In our busy lives, it’s hard to commit one whole day every week to clean our kitchens, so in this blog post, we will highlight 10 kitchen cleaning tips that will save you time and effort.

Here at Anita’s Housekeeping, we have been connecting homeowners with cleaning professionals for 27 years, so it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about kitchen cleaning! Ready to learn some useful cleaning tips? Let’s go!

1. Clean Ceramic Tiles

Your kitchen’s backsplash is designed to protect the wall from splashes when cooking, and ceramic tiles are a hugely popular option. When it comes to cleaning the tiles, a good trick is to use alcohol and water (around two tablespoons of alcohol per gallon of water).

Simply wipe the tiles down with a sponge that has been dampened with rubbing alcohol. Not only will you remove the mess, but the rubbing alcohol will also disinfect the backsplash.

2. Clean Your Oven

There is no end to the wonderfully tasty foods that you can prepare in an oven, from lasagne to chocolate cake. Of course, it’s not so fun when there are drips from the food on your oven’s floor, which can be tricky to clean.

The best thing to do is, as soon as the food has been removed from the oven, sprinkle some salt on any spills. Be careful doing this when the oven is still hot. When the oven has cooled, you’ll be able to easily wipe away any spills with a damp sponge.

3. Quick Fix for Blocked Drains

A clogged sink is a real nuisance. There are different ways to remedy a clogged sink, from the trusty plunger to chemicals that can dissolve the food and fat blocking the pipes.

When you first notice that your sink has become clogged, there’s a simple trick that you can try (it may not always work, but it’s worth a go). Simply put in the drain stopper and fill the sink with water, and then quickly pull the plug again. This may create enough pressure in your pipes to dislodge whatever is clogged there.

4. Baking Soda Is Great for Tough Messes

If you struggle with messes and stains in your kitchen, then baking soda is a lifesaver. It’s perfect for cleaning messes and grease from a range of surfaces including your stovetop, countertops, pots, pans, and linoleum. In a nutshell, baking soda should be one of your essential kitchen cleaning supplies.

Simply mix around 3 tablespoons of baking soda together with 1 cup of water. Baking soda is super cheap and can be used in pretty much any room of your house.

5. Add Vinegar to Your Dishwasher

This tip is useful for homeowners who live in areas with hard water and are frustrated when their dishes aren’t properly cleaned by their dishwasher. The next time you go to use your dishwasher, place a bowl of vinegar in there alongside the dirty dishes and cutlery.

You’ll notice that the vinegar helps to combat the hard water and results in far cleaner-looking dishes than you have been used to.

6. Use Baking Soda for Coffee Stains

Seriously, we could write a book on the uses of baking soda! Coffee stains within mugs are a real nuisance, but thankfully baking soda is here to help.

All you need to do is sprinkle some baking soda onto the bottom of a mug and add some water in order to form a paste. Give the mug a scrub and you’ll see how the baking soda works to quickly get rid of any stains. Finish by rinsing the mug and you’re done!

7. Use Lemons to Clean Your Microwave

For this trick, pour around 1/2 cup of water into a bowl and squeeze one lemon into the water. Add the squeezed lemon halves to the bowl as well and place it inside the microwave. Heat the microwave on the highest setting for 3 minutes.

When the timer goes off, keep the door closed and let it sit there for another 5 minutes. The steam that is trapped inside the microwave will work to loosen any stains or junk. After 5 minutes, you’ll be able to simply wipe down the inside of your microwave.

8. Quickly Clean Your Blender

​Blenders are great; they are super versatile and speedy. However, they can get very messy and be tricky to clean. If you have a blender in need of a clean, fill it with warm water to the halfway point, add in dish soap and a drop of vinegar, and then turn it on.

Within a few seconds, you’ll notice how the blender is looking cleaner! Simply rinse it with clean water afterward and it’s good to go once again.

Make Kitchen Cleaning Easy With These Tips

The smartest way to keep your kitchen and home clean is to hire a professional cleaner through Anita’s. All of our cleaners are experienced and have passed criminal background checks. Contact us today to request a booking.


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