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How Much Does a Maid Cost in Los Angeles?

Two maids in orange outfits cleaning a kitchen.

​Free time is harder to come by nowadays, and we have house cleaning to blame for it. 

Increases in dual-income households mean there’s less time for many of us to tidy, but with the rise in health concerns, the premium on cleanliness is higher than ever!

Fortunately, household incomes in Los Angeles are also trending up, and more residents can outsource their chores to professional cleaning services. A cleaning service is a perfect solution for many, a chance to win back some spare time and get the next-level cleaning they demand. We’ll break down the cost of maid services in Los Angeles so you can see these life-changing benefits for yourself!

How Much Does a Maid Service Cost in Los Angeles, CA?

A maid service costs $30–$60 per hour for each cleaning team member. Most cleaners assess a flat rate before cleaning based on the number of rooms, house size, and cleaning services. In Los Angeles, average cost estimates for a standard cleaning are around $120–$240.

Some cleaners may charge by the hour or the square foot, especially if you’re scheduling a one-time cleaning. Standard cleaning costs average around $0.07–$0.12 per square foot. It’s less common to find a maid service that uses these pricing schemes, but they can provide some flexibility in planning out your cleaning.

While these rates might sound high, keep in mind that minimum wage alone in Los Angeles, effective July 1, 2023, is $16.78. Rates also tend to be higher when you hire a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning company because of insurance and overhead. Still, when compared to other cities in California, such as San Diego (6.5% higher on average), Los Angeles is still not the highest.

How Do Maid Services Set Their Prices?

House cleaners factor several project costs into their final prices. For instance, they may charge more if you want them to use green cleaning products because it will raise their material costs, or they may include travel expenses if you live far away.

How Long Does a House Cleaning Take?

House cleaners take 1–5 hours to complete a standard job, with the total time depending on the size of the home, size of the crew, and level of cleanliness. It may take a single maid 4–5 hours to clean the entire house in a 3-bedroom home, but it might only take 2 hours to finish a one-room apartment. Deep cleaning takes about twice as long as a standard cleaning, and you can expect it to be roughly double the cost.

What Do Cleaning Services Cover?

Many services, particularly companies with employees, offer a standard lineup of services that come with a house cleaning. Independent contractors usually give you more flexibility to negotiate responsibilities and customize the experience.

Standard Cleaning Services

A standard cleaning service covers general cleaning duties in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living spaces, and bedrooms. Tasks typically include:

  • Wiping counters, tables, and sinks
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors
  • Wiping down mirror and window interiors
  • Cleaning cabinet and appliance exteriors
  • Dusting shelves and other surfaces
  • Taking out the trash

Cleaners will typically bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment for standard and specialty cleaning chores. It’s crucial to clarify the cleaning products they supply, particularly if you are hiring an independent maid service.

Specialty Services

Many companies and contractors offer additional services on top of their standard offers. These generally involve a more focused deep cleaning in certain areas. Some specialty services you may request include:

  • Refrigerator and oven cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Carpet steaming and shampooing
  • Grout and tile cleaning

Independent contractors will often help out with housekeeping duties. They may wash and dry laundry, go grocery shopping, take care of washing dishes, or even pick up the kids from school for you.

How Often Should You Schedule House Cleaning Services?

Budget and needs are the primary considerations in how often you receive a cleaning service. The more frequent you have service, the less money each visit will generally cost. Cleaning won’t take as long when you have it more often, and many companies and contractors are eager to offer discounts if it means repeat business.

Daily Maid Services

A full-time maid service often charges an hourly rate. They’ll show up for 2–4 hours each day to take care of tidying and housekeeping duties. They generally cost more than a live-in maid, but you save yourself from covering their room and board. A full-time maid service will average roughly $1,500–$3,000 monthly, while employing a live-in maid entails a typical annual salary between $30,000–$60,0000.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Services

A weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service is the most cost-effective option for most people trying to manage a hectic family schedule. Bi-weekly cleanings tend to cost more per cleaning, but the monthly maid cost will still be much lower. It’s often all you need to make your home manageable until the next visit.

Monthly Maid Services

A monthly maid service will cost more than a bi-weekly and weekly cleaning, but it may be preferable if you have a smaller home or lighter cleaning needs. Monthly cleanings generally have an average cost of $150–$300 per visit.

Bi-Annual or Annual Cleanings

More people realize the value of spring cleaning these days, and while some see it as a DIY cleaning project, it’s the perfect time to schedule a maid service. Hiring a professional to do the annual deep clean will give you optimal results while freeing you to take care of the tedious organizing tasks during the seasonal purge. Annual cleanings often cost the same as standard deep cleanings, generally $250–$500.

One-Time Cleanings

One-time maid visits are often the most expensive type of cleaning because you won’t get a recurring service discount that many businesses offer. But if you do all of the cleaning under normal circumstances, you may only need a one-time cleaning for infrequent occasions, including:

  • Moving into or out of a house or apartment
  • Preparing for a party
  • Readying a vacation rental for guests
  • Post-construction cleaning following a remodel

When arranging a one-time deep cleaning, cleaners often provide a maid service cost at an hourly rate or a price per square foot.

How Can You Find the Best House Cleaning Service in Los Angeles?

Maid services need to fit your life to a tee if you hope to get the most cost-effectiveness out of them. Budget is crucial, but along with finding a service that works with your wallet, you also need to find one that fits your family’s unique schedule and cleaning needs.

Assess Your Cleaning Needs

Keeping the cost of maid services to a minimum starts with understanding what you can do and where you need help. Make a note of where you struggle and list the hot spots that give you trouble. For instance, if you have no problem cleaning the living room but struggle with your tall ceiling fans, make a note for your cleaner to handle it.

What Kind of Cleaning Do You Want?

Green cleaning is becoming a priority for many people as they learn more about the health and environmental benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products. As a result, many cleaners are offering them as safer alternatives. It can add to the total maid cost, but if you have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies, it can be crucial in managing your home’s indoor air quality.

Independent Contractors or Cleaning Companies?

One of the most impactful decisions will be choosing between a cleaning company or an independent maid service. Cleaning companies typically charge more and have less flexibility than maid services, so you may have to work with an individual if you want a custom job that includes housekeeping duties. 

On the plus side, cleaning companies often also provide excellent training, business insurance, and service guarantees. These help ensure you aren’t at risk if something breaks or someone is hurt while cleaning your home.

Check Reviews and Get References

Always check reviews on any potential cleaner, paying careful attention to the review dates and any patterns, particularly when it comes to negative reviews. Try to get references from friends and neighbors to help you establish realistic expectations and start building your shortlist of quality maid services in your area.

Perform Interviews and Walkthroughs

Arranging an appointment to have your house cleaned without an interview or walkthrough could set you up for unexpected costs after the service. If you can’t have someone do a walkthrough with you in your home, try to arrange a virtual visit so they can give you the most accurate cost estimate.

Confirm Appointment and Payment Details

Confirm the date, time, and final maid service cost for your cleaning project. Get a written agreement if possible, and clarify how you should follow up if there is an issue.

Book Your Next Maid Service with Anita’s!

A maid service is one luxury that is well worth the expense, but without researching cleaners in your area, you could end up with unexpected costs and less-than-stellar results. 

Avoid the headache of a poor cleaning experience by setting up your next service with Anita’s. Our straightforward booking system makes it easy to customize your maid service, letting you arrange the appointment time and specific tasks to cover. We’ll then connect you with experienced and highly rated Los Angeles maid services, all background-checked and ready to handle your cleaning needs.

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