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End of Tenancy Cleaning – How to Get Your Deposit Back

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​Relocations can be daunting for anybody, but they are especially difficult for tenants who want their deposit back. Worrying about the end of tenancy cleaning might add to the stress of your future move. In more than half of all deposit disputes, insufficient cleaning is the main issue between the tenant and the landlord. But do not fret! It is entirely feasible to clean your rental and, in turn, get your deposit back. It will, however, require some meticulous planning. The goal is to return the property to the state it was in when you arrived.

Hiring professionals or DIY cleaning

Whether you will clean alone or with professional help will depend on a few factors. But do not be misled. Any tenancy agreement that calls for a professional clean at the end of the tenancy is not valid anymore. This is due to the Tenant Fees Act in 2019, which has made it illegal for landlords to demand professional cleaning services before tenants move out. You must choose the method you wish to go with based on your own preference.

  • In the majority of cases, people choose the do-it-yourself solution. This method will save you the cost of hiring professional help, but it will also add to the stress. Additionally, cleaning supplies and tools can be costly, so keep that in mind. The time needed to clean will also increase if you opt for this method.
  • If you decide to hire professional cleaning services, you are in luck. Even though these services are not free, they are the best option to get your deposit back. If you are unsure who to hire, there are businesses that connect customers with cleaning professionals perfect for their needs.

Start Early

Do not be concerned if you choose the DIY option. We can assist you with your end of tenancy cleaning. It is essential to start as soon as possible when it comes to any significant future endeavor. It can be pretty tricky to find the time to focus on your relocation, especially if it is a last-minute move. However, hiring a reputable moving company to handle relocation on short notice will help ease some of the stress. 

If you start as early as possible, you will have enough time to clean your rental properly.

Prepare beforehand

When preparing for the end of tenancy cleaning, you should pay close attention to getting the proper tools. You can look into what kind of cleaning supplies you’ll need for a deep clean and possibly invest in some gear you’ll need in the future. However, be careful. There are specific cleaning products that you should never mix

It is time to develop a game plan now that you have all of the necessary equipment. Walk around your rental and determine which rooms and areas require the most care and which items will require further help. Make a list of everything you discover for future reference.

Clean strategically 

To strategically and adequately clean your rental, you will need to follow the previously-made list in a way that makes sense. Focus on things that will change the appearance of your home the most, and then move on to different rooms.

Walls and floors

A quick and easy way to dramatically improve the appearance of your rental is to focus on the walls and floors. Your walls might need a new layer of paint or some patching up. Observe them in detail and hire professional help if needed. 

As for your floors, figure out the best possible way to clean them. Cleaning hardwood floors can be quite a task, so educate yourself beforehand.

Kitchen and bathroom

If you will be living in the rental right before you move, it might be wise to leave rooms that you frequently use for the end. These rooms are also the rooms that your landlord will pay most attention to. Your kitchen and bathrooms will require the most amount of time, so arm yourself with patience and energy.

To properly clean a kitchen, focus on all the appliances, and particularly your oven. Make sure to wipe down underneath all the appliances as well! Empty all of the shelves, cupboards, and drawers. Remove all crumbs and remnants of food. Additionally, make your refrigerator smell the best it possibly can.

As for your bathroom, scrub everything! Your tiles, bath, toilet, sink, and mirror should be spotless by the end of it. If you find any hard water stains or mold issues, focus on that as well. If you cannot afford professional help with your grout, you can always research the best possible ways to clean those yourself.

Don’t overlook details

As a final step, make sure to look at all the different details. You might have overlooked something that will make it less likely for you to get your deposit back.

Carpets, rugs, and glass surfaces

Your carpets or rugs might need cleaning or replacing. If you lack time, make sure to contact professionals. Clean all glass surfaces thoroughly, wipe down or wash all the curtains and blinds, as well.

Nooks and crannies

Many areas in our homes are often overlooked unless you are a landlord looking for flaws. So keep a keen eye on dirty nooks and crannies. Radiators and sockets are good examples of things we often forget to wipe down.

Do a final check

As a final plan of action, walk around your home and try and spot any flaws you might have missed. It never hurts to check again and give yourself peace of mind by seeing how well you’ve done your end of tenancy cleaning. We are confident you will get your deposit back in no time if you follow the steps above.


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