Home cleaning experts agree that you should deep clean your house at least once a year. Twice or three times a year may be suitable for most families, while the COVID-19 pandemic calls for even more frequent deep cleaning.

What is deep cleaning, and how is it different from standard cleaning or regular cleaning? Read on to learn everything you need to know about deep cleaning and why you should entrust it to a professional.

What is the Difference Between Standard and Deep Cleaning?

Standard cleaning takes care of everyday dirt found on surfaces, floors, and furniture.

It’s the kind of cleaning you’d perform once or twice a week to keep your house fresh and presentable. It includes wiping tables, collecting pet hair, dusting the carpets, taking the trash out, and so on.

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is more intensive. It takes care of dirt and grime that has accumulated over several months.

Windowsills, wall corners, and the top of cabinets are examples of areas that don’t need weekly cleaning because they rarely affect the house’s cleanliness. But after months of no dusting, dirt gradually accumulates, necessitating cleaning.

Deep cleaning also involves cleaning areas that are hard to reach, which would be too troublesome to clean weekly. For this reason, deep house cleaning takes much more time than standard cleaning.

Standard cleaning is necessary to keep your house comfortable and welcoming. It rids spills, crumbs, and dust around the home.

Deep cleaning is only necessary when some areas of the house show signs of neglect.

Cobwebs on the wall corners, stained bathroom tiles, and a greasy microwave are some things that’ll indicate it’s time for a deep house cleaning.

What Does a Deep House Cleaning Include?

Deep cleaning includes a large list of surfaces, rooms, appliances, and furniture in the house. To help you understand what deep cleaning entails, let’s go room by room and see exactly what cleaners tend to.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Wiping and disinfecting countertops, stovetops, tables, and wiping the floor are cleaning activities involved in standard kitchen cleaning. When it comes to deep cleaning, professionals do this and more.

They don’t just wipe appliances on the exterior—they clean up the interiors too. They open the microwave and degrease the inside, remove the stove grates, soak them in water, and empty the refrigerator to give it thorough wiping and disinfecting.

During deep kitchen cleaning, your cleaner will empty all cupboards and wipe down the inside with warm water and soap. Besides emptying the garbage can, they’ll also wash and disinfect it before putting it out to dry.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning

Areas in the bedroom such as under the bed and on top of wardrobes get special attention during deep house cleaning. These areas don’t need daily or weekly cleaning. Plus, they’re hard to reach.

The cleaner wipes down all surfaces during deep bedroom cleaning, from the bedposts to the vanity and mirrors. They also remove and clean the beddings. They’ll remove the rug and vacuum it, then mop the floor before putting the rug back.

Living Area Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning in the living area involves washing curtains and furniture vacuuming. Professional housekeepers wipe down all tables, bookshelves, and cabinets too.

They also vacuum the carpets and remove them for floor mopping. In addition, they wipe down and disinfect all electronics in the room. They pay attention to the baseboards, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

Some cleaners include window cleaning as part of their deep-cleaning services.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

The bathroom benefits immensely from deep cleaning services. The first step in deep cleaning a bathroom is removing shower curtains and washing them appropriately to remove dirt or stains.

Then comes cleaning the grout, which are the lines between the tiles. Grout usually stains with time, losing its bright appearance. It can grow mold and mildew if it’s been too long since the last cleaning.

The cleaner will take time to spray the bathroom walls, let them soak, and then scrub any stubborn stains off the grout. They’ll also clean the bathtub and showerhead, and remove soap scum.

Another area that requires attention is the toilet. Cleaners will thoroughly clean the bowl and remove any stains, restoring a bright appearance. The exterior of the water tank will also get a proper scrub or wipe down.

Of course, the cabinets and the sink area will also be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Most professional cleaners will also clean mirrors, light fixtures, and windows in the bathroom.

How Long Does a Deep House Cleaning Take?

Deep house cleaning typically takes more than an hour per room. This is because of the number of steps required to clean all the surfaces and appliances in the room.

Also, remember that some areas are hard to reach, so cleaners spend more time on them.

The level of accumulated dirt and stains your cleaner deals with also determines the amount of time they’ll spend cleaning your house. Some stains, such as those on the grout in the bathroom, may require multiple steps with different cleaning products to remove and more time to scrub.

The size of your house also impacts how long a deep house cleaning service lasts.

How Much Does a Deep House Cleaning Cost?

A deep house cleaning involves more activities than what is normally required during regular cleaning. Hence, professional cleaners spend more time and effort and use more products when deep cleaning.

This translates to a higher service cost.

When seeking a deep clean, be prepared to pay more than you normally do for a standard or regular cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Deep cleaning is an extensive undertaking whereby the cleaner gets access to almost all areas of your house. It’s important to be comfortable with a professional moving your items around and getting into personal spaces like your closet.

Plus, you need to ensure you’re getting top-notch services for the higher rate you’ll be paying.

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