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Secrets to Making Your House Smell Amazing Naturally

Vibrant flowers floating in a ceramic bowl.

Making your house smell good is the best way to instantly lift your mood and get your energy pumping. When things don’t smell great, it causes stress that makes it hard to find the motivation to get anything done! 

Some science shows that foul odors make us unhappy, put us on edge, and cause emotional and psychological stress. Our sense of smell is one of the senses that is closely connected with memory!

If you’re dealing with unpleasant odors in your home, keep reading. We’re unlocking the secrets to making your house smell good naturally! 

Keep a Routine Cleaning Schedule

The best way to keep your house smelling great is to stick to a routine cleaning schedule. Some of the most common unpleasant odors in a home come from things like a garbage disposal, a wet dog, or dirty carpets. 

Regularly freshen your garbage disposal by adding a few citrus peels and a tablespoon of salt before turning it on. The salt will help break up any stuck-on food waste and the peel will freshen your sink up. 

A professional house cleaner can help you stay on top of tedious tasks. Find a local house cleaner that’s trusted in the community and your house will smell amazing in no time. Search for “home cleaning services near me” to find a professional home cleaner you can trust.

Basic Repairs and Maintenance 

In addition to keeping your home clean, you should also make sure you’re keeping up on maintenance. Leaky pipes can lead to major odors by encouraging mold growth. A damaged roof can allow moisture to get into the warm, damp places in your home and create a prime breeding ground for mold. 

Fix any areas that could lead to an infestation as well. Many bugs that infest homes carry disease with them and they create a musky odor that lingers long after they’re gone. 

Look for “home cleaning near me” to find the best house cleaning service to help you take care of the aftermath of an infestation. 

Make Natural Air Fresheners 

Once you’ve taken care of the causes of foul odors, you can focus on adding wonderful smells to your home. One way to do that is by making natural air fresheners. 

Vinegar, deactivated charcoal, and baking soda won’t add any pleasant scents to your home. But they will trap and absorb smells from cigarette smoke, cooking, and other foul scents that regularly pop up in your kitchen and around your home. 

Lemon water and coffee grounds both help absorb odors while also adding a fresh scent into the air. Vanilla and peppermint extracts are excellent natural remedies to foul odors. Place a few drops onto a cotton ball and leave them around your home or pop them into your vacuum bag for an instant scent boost. 

Simmer Pots 

Grab your favorite herbs and spices and get ready to make your house smell amazing. Simmer pots are a great way to pack a good-smelling punch for any big gathering. 

Fill a small saucepan with water and let it come to a boil. Add your ingredients and let them boil for at least three minutes. Then, reduce the heat to low and allow the pot to simmer. 

You can let the simmer pot go for as long as you want, as long as it’s regularly supervised and you add water to it as needed. 

Try cinnamon sticks and apple slices mixed with allspice in a simmer pot for a warm, fall smell that will have mouths watering as soon as they walk through the door. 

Essential Oil Diffusers 

Essential oil diffusers are another great tip for making your house smell good. You can find diffusers at most major retailers and it’s easy to find one that will fit into your room’s decor. 

Simply fill the diffuser up according to the manufacturer’s instructions and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Not only will you reap the benefits of a wonderful smelling home but you will also have the added aromatherapy from the essential oils! 

DIY Diffuser Sticks 

Diffuser sticks from the store are usually inexpensive but it’s impossible to say what is inside the liquid. It can be dangerous to kids and pets if left unattended. 

You can make your own diffuser sticks with bamboo or rattan sticks, some baby oil, and an essential oil of your choosing.

All you have to do is add a teaspoon of your essential oil to a small glass and top it off with baby oil. Plop the sticks inside and stir. Then, let it sit out of reach and wait for it to fill your room with the scent of your choice! 

Deodorize Carpets and Rugs 

One main pain point when it comes to keeping your home smelling fresh is carpet odors. If you have children or pets, you know how easy it is for spills, pet messes, and dirt to accumulate on your carpets. It can be difficult to get those smells and stains out. 

You can make a natural carpet deodorizer with 1 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of cornstarch, and 5 drops of your favorite essential oil. 

Stir the ingredients up and sprinkle some onto your carpet, letting it sit for 30 minutes. When you’re ready, vacuum it up. 

The cornstarch and baking soda will work to absorb lingering liquids and odors and the essential oil will refresh the room! 

Making Your House Smell Good With House Cleaning Services Santa Cruz Families Trust

All you need for a house that smells great is a little bit of time and some basic, natural ingredients. But unless you get rid of the underlying cause of the foul odor, you’re just masking the problem.

Making your house smell good doesn’t have to be a headache. Keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance on top of an already busy schedule can be hard! Search for “house cleaning services near me” and let one of our wonderful house cleaning service providers take care of the big messes so you can focus on what matters most to you. 

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