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How Do I Keep My Listed Home Clean (With Kids)

Staged kitchen.

Maintaining a clean home is challenging with children underfoot. But when it comes time to list your property for sale, cleanliness is a priority. Especially with worries over germs and clutter, you likely have many questions about keeping your newly listed home clean and ready for potential buyers. We hope these questions and answers help you navigate the process of listing and maintaining your property for sale.

Is it a good idea to get my home cleaned before listing during COVID-19?

Yes – using the appropriate cleaning products can help protect you and potential buyers from becoming ill. Taking precautions during showings is also helpful.

  • There are pros and cons to selling right now, but the right tools and precautions make all the difference.
  • An open house is definitely still doable
  • Another option is a virtual open house event
  • You can even have your home professionally cleaned, but like with everything else, a few safety measures keep everyone safe
  • Call up a cleaning agency to help you find a dependable and safe professional cleaner

Will my home sell better if it’s clean and empty?

In most cases, prospective buyers look closely at cleanliness. An empty property can also be attractive to homebuyers, but reducing clutter is a helpful step if you’re still living in the house.

  • Clutter is not only unsightly, it can be damaging enough to kill a sale
  • Staging can be a key to catching buyers’ attention
  • Preparing your kids’ rooms for your listing can be tricky, so proceed with caution

How can I keep my house clean while living in it (with kids)?

Keeping a home clean and showing-ready with children can be challenging. Try some of these quick and easy ideas for less stressful prep.

  • Your kids’ things can be among the toughest to organize, but there are tricks to tap into
  • Your entire home should be clean, but give special attention to bathrooms the kids use
  • Organizational goods can be a boon in your efforts to tidy up
  • Don’t skip your closets, because buyers will look there, too
  • Embrace some clever tricks for hiding things on the run

Selling a home with your family still living in it can be chaotic. But there are benefits to staying put until the sale. With these resources, you can start battling back the clutter, avoid exposing your loved ones to germs, and maintain a near-spotless property to show prospective buyers.

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