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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services

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​If you haven’t tried eco-friendly cleaning services yet, you’re missing out on one of the most exciting trends in the industry. Experts expect cleaning services to become more popular as health concerns continue to affect our lives. For people trying to protect their family’s health, green cleaning services will play an essential role in gaining peace of mind.

Of course, going green may not seem critical to everyone who wants a clean home. When you’re facing health scares like COVID, standard cleaning services offer a good deal of confidence through the supplies they use. Chemical cleaners are fast and powerful against most viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

It’s easy to overlook the drawbacks to conventional cleaners if it means saving money. They’re always effective and often cheaper, so is there much value in ditching traditional cleaners and going green? 

When it comes to your family’s well-being, green cleaning is well worth the money. Let’s explore the key reasons to hire an eco-friendly cleaning company for your next service.

1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Green cleaning services use sustainable cleaning products to limit their environmental impact. Their efforts generally focus on two goals:

  • Controlling waste
  • Minimizing the release of toxic materials

Controlling Waste

A green cleaner limits waste through reusable equipment and biodegradable cleaning products. By opting for microfiber cloths over paper towels and using refillable cleaning bottles, they keep trash to a bare minimum.

Many green cleaners make waste control part of their business philosophy. Not only do they use reusable supplies to make a clean home, but they often also recycle, go paperless, and cut plastic bottles in their operations. You’re often supporting more conscientious practices than you realize when you hire a green cleaning service.

Reducing Toxic Chemical Release

Chemicals in cleaning products can be extremely hazardous to the environment. One concern with cleaning service materials is damage from surfactants, which become toxic as they break down. As they pollute water sources, these compounds endanger human health and various ecosystems.

Chemical spray cleaners are considered dangerous to the environment in California. VOCs from typical cleaning sprays play an essential role in water pollution and smog formation. Outdoor air quality, vegetation, and wildlife all suffer from the release of toxic chemicals. You can do your part to lessen the damage by hiring green cleaning services.

2. Protect Your Health

You can avoid the health hazards of chlorine-based cleaners and other harsh chemicals by hiring an eco-friendly cleaning service. Natural ingredients may give off pleasant aromas, and they won’t off-gas harmful chemicals that weaken indoor air quality. If allergies or asthma are an issue in your home, going green can make everyone breathe easier.

Consistent exposure to traditional cleaning products can have adverse health effects. A 2015 study looked at how chemical cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products affected a group of custodians. It found that those who used chemical cleaners were more likely to develop health issues. These could range from minor skin irritation to more severe respiratory problems.

It is unlikely that you’ll see the same level of exposure to toxic chemicals as a house cleaner who uses them 8 hours a day, five days a week. But the study shined a light on the fact that increased exposures increased the risk of symptoms.

Families can get messy as they grow. Cleaning often needs to be more frequent, but it also needs to be much safer. If you use a cleaning service every week to help manage the mess from kids and pets, it can be enough to take a toll on your health. Green cleaning services keep toxic chemicals out of the air and off surfaces to ensure you’re not taking risks with anybody’s well-being.

3. Green Cleaning Is Effective

The health and safety benefits of green cleaning are clear. But the main concern about going eco-friendly is whether it can keep you safe from pathogens like COVID or the flu.

Disinfecting is more critical than ever. When you need to destroy germs, it’s hard to match the strength of chlorine and other chemicals. But if you know where to look, you can find powerful yet safe alternatives to bleach and toxic cleaners that can kill dangerous microbes with ease.

Ask your cleaning service about the natural cleaning products they use. The EPA provides a list of eco-friendly cleaning solutions to use as a reference. You can check for items with the “Design for the Environment” (DfE) label, indicating their safety for people and the environment.

One of the best ways to vet cleaners is to look at the disinfectants they use and check for certifications from green cleaning authorities. These include Green Seal, ECOLOGO, and inclusion in the EPA’s Safer Choice list. If your house cleaner uses products that meet these standards, you’ll know that your family is safe.

How Much Do Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services Cost?

Green cleaning services generally cost more than traditional cleaning services. Projects might take more time, and green cleaning products can get pricey compared to chemical alternatives.

When hiring a green maid service, expect to pay $5-$10 more per hour. Cleaning costs in San Jose, for example, range from $35-$70 an hour, with a 1,800 square foot house starting at roughly $150 for a standard weekly cleaning. A green cleaning team may cost an extra $20-$40 for the same service.

If you have a weekly cleaning service, your costs may increase by about $80-$160 each month when you switch to eco-friendly cleaning services. But if you can get past the price, you only have to consider the benefits of choosing eco-friendly house cleaning services.

Book Green Cleaning Services Today

From housekeeping to intense deep cleaning, green cleaning services can help you handle the hassles of your busy life. When you invest in green cleaning, you do more than just keep a clean home. With every service, you’re taking responsible steps toward protecting your family and the environment. 

When you want the best eco-friendly house cleaning services in California, Anita’s can match you with the perfect local professional. Request a booking today to see how you can find the best value in your area in just a few simple steps!


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