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Keeping a House Clean: These Are the Benefits of a Clean Bathroom

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Americans estimate they spend about half an hour a week scrubbing the bathroom. That amounts to more than 60 days throughout a lifetime.

When you know you have a big task to do, like bathroom cleaning, it may be difficult to muster up the energy to get started.

However, even though keeping a house clean is a lot of work, having a clean bathroom can make all the difference. 

Ready for some motivation for bathroom cleaning? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a clean bathroom in your home. 

Better for Your Mental Health

Can keeping a house clean benefit your mental health? There are links between a clean home and mental health. 

For example, a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin showed that there is a link between how people describe the state of their homes and their moods throughout the day.

In the study, women who described their homes as more stressful due to factors such as clutter and unfinished projects reported increased depressed mood throughout the day. However, women who described their homes as less stressful reported decreased depressed mood.

Better Night’s Sleep

A clean bathroom can also benefit your sleep. In one survey, 1,000 Americans were asked if their cleaning habits affected their sleep.

The survey results showed that only 26% of people who described themselves as messy said they were satisfied with their sleep quality.

However, respondents who had good cleaning habits were twice as much more likely to get quality sleep compared to those who were messy.

What’s more, nearly 80% of survey respondents said that they feel anxious when their homes are not clean. Yet another reason to keep your bathroom and the rest of your home clean. 

By keeping a house clean, you can rest easy at night in a relaxed, tidy home. You don’t have to worry about putting stuff away or figuring out what to clean. 

Fewer Germs and Bacteria

One way to spread fewer germs and bacteria around your home is to keep your bathroom clean. You should disinfect and wipe down high-touch areas such as the toilet handle, door handles, and knobs, shower door handles, faucets, and other areas that are constantly touched.

We may focus on major areas when we clean the bathroom such as the sink and tub, but we forget about these smaller areas.

Wondering what are the germiest areas in your bathroom? The floor could possibly have the most germs than any other place in your bathroom because people usually don’t clean the floor as much as other areas such as the toilet. 

No Bad Smell

Ever walked into a public bathroom and had to leave right away because of the smell? You don’t want that happening in your home bathroom.

You want your bathroom to smell clean and fresh, and the only way that’s going to happen is with a regular bathroom cleaning schedule. 

It Looks Good

A clean, shiny bathroom looks amazing. It’s a great feeling to step into a clean bathroom the first thing in the morning when you wake up. 

How about coming home from a long day of work and wanting to take a relaxing, hot shower. How would you feel if you have to step into a dirty bathroom? Coming home to a clean bathroom can make all the difference between a relaxed state and a stressful state. 

Prevent Bathroom Mold or Mildew

No one wants to see mold or mildew in their bathroom. Mold grows from all the extra moisture found in the bathroom. 

There are actions you can take to prevent the spread of mold. For example, you can turn on the bathroom fan after a shower. You can also squeeze the shower walls after a bath or shower to get rid of extra moisture. 

You can also regularly change or clean items that get wet, such as the bathroom mats, loofahs, or sponges. 

One of the best ways to prevent mold is to regularly clean your bathroom. 

You’ll Feel Accomplished

How does it feel to cross a big item off of your cleaning list? Bathrooms are one of the most difficult rooms to clean because there are so many areas to clean, scrub, or wipe down. 

Keep Your Bathroom Ready for Guests

Ever had a surprise guest drop-in, and your bathroom wasn’t exactly guest-friendly? Or maybe your mother called you and told you she’ll be at your house in ten minutes?

It can be embarrassing and leave you scrambling to wipe down the bathroom before your guest arrives. If you always keep your bathroom clean, you don’t have to stress out when guests visit. 

Tips for Keeping a Bathroom Clean

Want to clean your bathroom and keep it clean? Here are tips for cleaning your bathroom.

Set a Regular Cleaning Schedule

You deep cleaned your bathroom, now you have to maintain it. Otherwise, your bathroom will quickly get dirty again, especially if you have kids or multiple people living in your house. 

The key is to regularly clean your bathroom. You can set a schedule to clean your bathroom once a week. You can designate a certain day of the week as your bathroom cleaning day. 

Hire Professional Help

Don’t have time to keep cleaning your bathroom? You can hire professional help and leave the deep cleaning to the professionals. 

This way, you’ll save yourself the time for work, spending time with your family, or your favorite hobbies. 

Final Thoughts for Keeping a House Clean

Keeping a house clean takes a lot of work and effort, especially the bathroom. However, instead of waiting until it gets too messy and overwhelming, you should set a regular cleaning schedule to keep your bathroom and the rest of your home tidy.

Need help with deep cleaning your bathroom? Want to learn more about our cleaning services? Book a cleaning service today.  


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