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Is House Cleaning an Essential Service or Just a Luxury?

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​In past centuries, hiring cleaning services was taking a full-time maid into your home. Now, live-in maids are a luxury that few people can afford. However, house cleaning services now have a different role, and after a global pandemic, they’ve changed further until they became a necessity. 

Is house cleaning an essential service for you? In this blog post, we dive further into the reasons to hire professional home cleaners. Maybe you could benefit from booking a cleaning service too!

Why is house cleaning different from other services?

As mentioned before, some time ago, the only way to get help with the cleaning was hiring a live-in maid. For centuries, live-in house workers were mostly women (hence the name “maid”), and most worked in adverse conditions.

In modern-day, people still discuss if you should hire house workers or not. However, hiring a professional home cleaner could be like hiring a dentist, a car mechanic, or any home contractor! Honest work for honest pay!

Reasons Why House Cleaning Services Are Essential

Cleaning services have many benefits to offer, mainly to busy homeowners, full-time workers, or people looking for a way to keep their homes clean. However, everyone could benefit from hiring a cleaning service! 

Are you planning a big event? There is a service for you. Are you out of town? Professional cleaners have you covered! If you are not sure if you can benefit from professional cleaning services, keep reading!

Here are the main reasons to reach out to a cleaning company and book a service now!

Reason #1. A full-time job leaves no time for cleaning

If everyone in the household has a steady job, it’s almost impossible to keep the home spotless. In some areas of California (like Silicon Valley), workdays are long and demanding, leaving less time for housework. 

Needless to say that quitting your job is not the solution. You could make more money working than cleaning your own home! For situations like this, cleaning companies often schedule services to cover your home’s cleaning needs, even if you are out working! 

If you work long hours, having a good house cleaning service in San Jose and other fast-paced cities is crucial!

Reason #2. Investing in cleaning equipment is expensive

Regularly, professional cleaning companies offer their services with cleaning equipment and supplies included. That is, you don’t need to research and buy the latest cleaning tools, and you can save on the cleaning supplies too!

Many cleaning companies can carry out their services using only green products. If you want a safe and eco-friendly way to clean your home, home cleaning services are a good option!

Reason #3. Cleaning takes too much of your free time

Using the data of the ACI survey, Business Wire reveals valuable information about the national cleaning patterns: “Most Americans spend at least 6 hours cleaning their homes each week, but most don’t feel they are doing enough.”

Are you willing to spend your weekends and most of your free time cleaning? Even cleaning companies know how time-consuming it is to clean an entire home! Some cleaning services will limit the size of homes they service, others will take any size homes but involve teams of 2 or 3 professional cleaners to take care of the tasks in a reasonable time.

Reason #4. A clean home has more value

Furniture, carpets, and fixtures deteriorate faster when they are dirty. Without proper cleaning, even mold and mildew can appear and wreak havoc on the structure of your home. Cleaning services are key to maintaining your home in perfect shape and keeping its full value!

In real estate, cleaning services have a very strong presence too. Many real estate agents hire cleaning services before selling a home. Also, new homeowners often prefer to hire a move-in cleaning service than cleaning themselves—as it could be too much work!

Reason #5. Your health depends on how clean is your home

Bacteria and other germs can grow and hide inside your home. Also, allergies can worsen in a messy home! With vulnerable members in your household (like kids, older adults, or someone suffering a disease), cleaning becomes even more important. 

However, following disinfection guidelines can be a challenge for a busy homeowner. If you want the certainty that your household is safe, you need to hire professional cleaners! 

Protecting your household from germs is important. However, messiness does not only put your physical health at risk, but it can also affect your mental wellness

Reason #6. You do not have to clean your own home

There is nothing wrong with a chef making dinner in a restaurant or a mechanic repairing a car. So, why can’t you pay someone else to clean when you don’t want to do it yourself? 

However, many people feel compelled to clean, forcing themselves to do the chores, although they don’t like cleaning. In truth, you don’t need to like cleaning, or you don’t even need to be a good cleaner! Your time is valuable. Leave it to someone else who does it for a living and enjoy doing it.

But, if you actually enjoy cleaning or do not want to pay for something you feel you can do yourself, then we recommend that you keep cleaning your home.

Reason #7. Cleaning services offer convenience

All the reasons above can be summarized within this sentence: Home cleaning services are a convenient way to keep your home spotless! You don’t have to be at home, you don’t need to buy supplies, and you don’t even need to know how to clean!

However, to be convenient, the cleaning service must be reliable and trustworthy. Look for local service providers who have experience and a track record.

Can home cleaning services save you money?

As mentioned above, neglecting cleaning chores can damage your home. However, the way you clean can also bring you unexpected expenses! Harsh cleaning products can easily damage upholstery, granite, porcelain, hardwood, and many other materials in your home.

Professional house cleaning service providers know the proper method and product for cleaning each type of surface inside your home. If you are concerned about something breaking, look for a cleaning service provider that carries insurance. Their cleaning fees may be higher, but you can rest assured knowing that if there is breakage, you’re covered. Whether you own or rent your home, keeping it clean is your best investment!

Learn more about house cleaning services in San Jose

Are you ready to let your chores go? Check out and book with a local service provider in San Jose. We are ready to help you find the best service provider for what you and your family are looking for!


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