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How to Clean Up After a Major Home Renovation Project

Vacant home with paint, ladder, and supplies on the floor covered with cardboards.

Home renovations projects tend to turn your life upside down. After the dust settles, you’ll have the home you’ve always dreamed of—but before you can enjoy it, you’ll need to clean up all that dust first. 

Construction dust gets everywhere, from the baseboards to the walls. Not only is it inconvenient to clean, but dust creates poor air quality that may cause injury to your lungs.

You want to start tidying up, but you have no idea where to begin. Not to worry—that’s why we’ve put together this handy cleaning checklist. When you follow along with this guide, your home will be back to mint condition in no time.

Seal Off Renovations Areas & Protect Your Belongings 

This part of cleaning begins before your renovations are even underway. If you do this step ahead of time, you’ll find it easier to clean up once your project is complete. It involves preparing your home for the incoming barrage of construction dust and debris. 

Controlling dust during your renovations is the best way to keep your house clean afterward. 

Lay protective sheets over your furniture to prevent dust from settling on the surface. Whenever construction or demolition work is being done, close any vents in that room; this will prevent dust from getting into the ducts and circulating throughout your home.

After the work is finished, you’ll thank yourself for taking these preemptive measures to contain dust.

Start With A Plan

If you renovate one or two rooms in your home, the cleaning process might be relatively simple. But what if you’ve just finished a major renovation of your entire house? 

Everywhere you step, you leave footprints in the floor dust. The task ahead of you seems overwhelming. 

Organize your thoughts by outlining a plan of action. You can start by listing every area of the house that needs cleaning. Then, organize that list in terms of priorities. For example, the guest room might fall toward the bottom of the list. But you’ll want the kitchen, bathrooms, and your bedroom to be cleaned sooner than later, since they’re used more often.

Next, outline the different ways you plan to clean the space. You’ll probably need to sweep, mop, dust, and sanitize most of the surfaces in your home. By making a plan, you can identify any cleaning supplies that you’re missing.

Wear Protective Gear

While you clean up, you’ll be exposed to a mix of dust, chemicals, and debris. This can make you feel a bit ill after a long day of cleaning. Breathe easily by protecting your lungs, eyes, and skin. Before you start cleaning, suit up with the following:

  • Dust mask. Almost any cleaning technique you use will kick up dust, from sweeping the floors to wiping the counters. After breathing it in, you may notice nasal congestion, a dry cough, or difficulty breathing. A dust mask or respirator will protect you from inhaling dust.
  • Goggles. Many cleaning products emit chemicals that irritate your eyes. By wearing goggles, you can protect your eyes from watering or feeling itchy.
  • Rubber gloves. Is your skin easily irritated? After a day of cleaning, your hands might appear red and dry. Wear a thick set of rubber work gloves to keep your skin safe.

Switch Your HVAC Filters

Your home’s heating and cooling system does more than regulate the temperature in your home—it also filters the air. 

Once your renovations wrap up, have the HVAC system inspected. Chances are, the filter is coated in dust and needs to be cleaned or replaced—it can’t filter the air effectively if it’s blocked with grime. Any dust or debris inside the system can damage its components. Ask your local HVAC technician to remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. 

But not just any filter will do. If you choose the wrong product, you might restrict airflow too much and cause damage to the HVAC system. Check the manual that came with your HVAC system to find which filters are compatible with it.

Use The Right Cleaning Products & Equipment 

Not just any cleaning solution will get the job done. If you use the wrong product, you risk spreading the dust rather than removing it—you may even damage the surface that you’re cleaning.

The tools you use for the job are equally as important. Microfiber cloths will be your best bet for gathering up dust. If you use a regular wet towel, you may push the dust around without really cleaning it. Microfiber cloths make it easier to collect debris and sweep it into the garbage. 

Oftentimes, you’ll need to sweep the floors several times until you can mop them. You can only wash the floors once all the plaster, paint chips, and stray nails have been collected. Otherwise, you’ll end up making an even bigger mess. If possible, use a shop vacuum to get a deeper clean.

Even after all your efforts, you may still notice a dusty smell hanging in the air. Set up an air purifier to remove any lingering construction debris. 

The Devil’s In The Details

You’ve cleaned most of the large surface areas of your home, but it still doesn’t feel completely clean. We’re going to list a few spots you may have overlooked:

  • Vent grates
  • Trim and baseboards
  • Light fixtures & switches
  • Windows panes, blinds, & screens
  • Fabrics: couches, curtains, and rugs
  • Doors & door handles
  • Once you’ve glossed over these spots with a cloth and cleaning solution, your home will smell completely fresh and clean. 

Hire A Professional

Home renovations can be exhausting. After all the energy you spent planning, managing, and finishing your project, the last thing you want to do is clean the house. Why not schedule a house cleaning service instead? 

You spent countless hours on your home renovation project—you deserve a break. When you leave the cleaning to a professional, you can trust that order will be restored in a timely and efficient manner 

You have a newly remodeled home, and it’s sparkling clean. What more could you ask for? We hope these cleaning tips help you handle the task ahead of you. When your home is spotless from top to bottom, you can finally appreciate what a difference your renovations make. 

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