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How Much Does a Maid Cost in Santa Cruz? (2023)

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​Laidback and leisurely, it’s a privilege to call Santa Cruz home. With the endless array of on-water activities, outdoor adventures, and fabulous cuisine to be had here, it’s no wonder why many consider it to be one of the best cities in the country!

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to enjoy the city when you’re stuck inside cleaning all day. Hiring a professional cleaning service can make the difference when you need to reclaim your free time. If you’re looking for local house cleaners who can do a fantastic job cleaning at a price you can afford, we’ll help you understand the cost of maid services in Santa Cruz, CA.

How Much Does a Maid Cost in Santa Cruz?

House cleaning services in Santa Cruz cost $30–$60 per hour for each person that comes into your home. Your final project costs depend on the cleaning services you request, the cleanliness of your home, and the size of the space. For example, a standard house cleaning service in a one-bedroom apartment will often cost under $100, but to get a 3-bedroom house cleaned will cost roughly $120-$240.

How Do House Cleaners Set Their General Rates?

House cleaning services in Santa Cruz vary in price, but the general rule of “you get what you pay for” applies. Many house cleaners factor their operations into their prices, setting rates to account for certain project costs, including:

Every additional dollar generally goes toward some benefit. For instance, many cleaning businesses promote their business insurance to give customers peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Other cleaners may use higher-end green cleaning products and technology to provide safe-yet-effective service.

Your house cleaner may charge by the hour or assess flat rates based on square footage or the number of rooms. The first cleaning often costs more, as house cleaning services typically perform a deep cleaning to refresh your home and assess your cleaning needs. If your house hasn’t had a cleaning in six or more months, many professional cleaning services will insist on an initial deep clean before starting their standard service.

What Kind of Cleaning Schedule Should You Set?

The most practical house cleaning frequency will vary based on your budget, house size, family size, and several other factors. Understanding your needs and abilities is a critical first step in building your shortlist of appropriate cleaning companies and contractors.

Full-Time Cleaning Services

Full-time maid service is less common in Santa Cruz, but with a housekeeper, you may opt for a live-in (receives a salary, room, and board) or full-time (salary only) housekeeper. 

A full-time housekeeper arrives daily to complete cleaning and other chores usually for 1–4 hours. In Santa Cruz, a full-time house cleaner or housekeeper will charge roughly $15–$40 per hour for their services.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly House Cleaning Services

Full-time cleaning service in Santa Cruz County costs around $1200 a month on the low end, so as much as we would love house cleaning services to take care of everything, it isn’t feasible in many cases. When you’re managing a house full of kids and a constant mess, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services can be a crucial help. If you can manage the everyday upkeep, a cleaning pro can come in to do the more time-consuming floor and surface cleaning that steals much of your time each week.

How Much Are Monthly House Cleaning Services?

Every house cleaning appointment will generally be more expensive if you don’t have visits on a regular basis. Most of that comes from the size of the mess. There’s usually more to clean after a month of activity than after only a week. Still, a monthly house cleaning may make sense if you have a smaller space or live by yourself.

How Much Do One-Time Cleaning Services Cost?

One-time cleaning projects are generally a deep cleaning based around an event. Even if you take care of most of the house cleaning without issue, there are times when it’s worthwhile to invest in doing the most thorough job possible. Some popular times to set up a one-time cleaning from a professional business include:

  • Before or after hosting a party
  • Before moving into a new house
  • In between vacation rental occupancies
  • Before moving out to retrieve your security deposit

Deep cleaning usually takes twice as long as a standard house cleaning, and you’ll see that in the price. For a typical 3-bedroom home, expect your house cleaner to charge $250–$500 for a single deep clean.

What Does a Maid Do?

House cleaning services perform general cleaning and tidying duties around the home during a typical visit. Some may offer add-on housekeeping chores, such as laundry, dishes, and meal prep, for a flat fee.

Standard Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning counters, tables, sinks, and other hard surfaces
  • Wiping down cabinet and appliance exteriors
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming
  • Dusting shelves, windowsills 
  • Cleaning mirrors and interior windows
  • General tidying

Additional Cleaning Services

  • Refrigerator, oven, and appliance cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning

Many cleaning services in Santa Cruz also accommodate special requests, such as the use of green cleaning products, though it often comes at an extra charge. Bear in mind that even specialty cleaning services are generally limited to the building envelope. It’s unlikely that house cleaning services will handle intensive jobs like duct cleaning or power washing.

How to Prepare for a House Cleaning Service in Santa Cruz

House cleaning services in Santa Cruz County, and California in general, have some of the higher costs in the country, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get an excellent value. For instance, tidying up and taking care of as much cleaning as possible will ensure your house cleaner only has to focus on getting those parts of the home cleaned that give you the most trouble. More importantly, finding the house cleaner that fits your life to a tee will ensure you get the best experience and bang for your buck.

Read Reviews and Get References

Unbiased customer reviews and references will give you realistic expectations of your cleaning experience. If your neighbor is raving about how their house cleaner did such a great job deep cleaning their home, it’s a good possibility that they’ll do an exceptional job on your home. 

Obtain Background Checks

Along with positive reviews, a background check is crucial to ensure your house cleaner is trustworthy and reliable. Many house cleaning companies will provide these for their team members, but you may have to request them personally from individual contractors.

Select the Top House Cleaning Services in Your Area

When you arrange a cleaning service in Santa Cruz, you’re gaining not just a clean house but also free time to get out and enjoy the beautiful California weather. It’s not enough to find an efficient house cleaner — you also need one that can be there when you need them. 

There’s no point in paying for a service when you have to wait an hour for them to show up. Santa Cruz County is a bustling area, and on days with heavy traffic, the shortest distance can tack on several minutes to travel time. When you find a cleaning company that operates nearby, it’s more likely that they’ll be super responsive and on time, and you’ll have more success scheduling jobs on short notice.

Interview Your Top House Cleaning Candidates

It’s crucial to interview your top candidates before making a decision. After finding the top 3-4 house cleaning services in your local area, follow up with a few basic questions to ensure they’ll meet your expectations and attend to your unique requests. Some helpful questions include:

  • What kind of cleaning equipment and materials do you use?
  • How much will the initial cleaning cost, and how do you set your prices?
  • What costs do you factor into your cleaning rates?
  • Where in Santa Cruz are you located?
  • How do you handle cost or cleaning quality disputes after the service?

Confirm House Cleaning Services and Payment Arrangements

The final cost of a cleaning project can rise unexpectedly after your appointment if your cleaner faces unanticipated hurdles or excessive messes. To make sure the cost doesn’t blindside you, arrange a walkthrough with your cleaning company so they can assess your home in person. 

If they can’t meet you at your house, perform a virtual walkthrough via Facetime, or shoot a quick video and send it to them. When they have a complete understanding of the nuances of your house or apartment, they can give you a more accurate and fair cost estimate.

Hire a Santa Cruz House Cleaner Today!

Santa Cruz has a cleaning company around every corner, but while finding a service that fits your budget may not be a challenge, finding the best value can be an exhausting chore. That’s why Anita’s does the heavy lifting for you! 

Tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll connect you with highly recommended and experienced house cleaners in your area, all background and reference-checked for your convenience. Request a booking today, and give yourself a break for a change!


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