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The 15 Best Stove Top Cleaners of 2023

Best stove top cleaners

If you are like me, there are usually several things happening at once in the kitchen. Water boiling over a pot, a little tomato sauce popping or some extra spices spilled can be quite common. I’ve gone through my fair share of the best stove top cleaners. Whether you are working on tough stains or looking for a daily solution for your glass cooktop, the Weiman Cooktop Cleaner and Polisher is my absolute favorite. If you want a few other options for a budget pick, or something more eco friendly, keep reading.

Best Stovetop Cleaners

Best for Glass Cooktop: Trinova Premium Cooktop Cleaner
Best for Ceramic Stovetop: Cerama Bryte Daily Cooktop Cleaner
Best for Stainless Steel Cooktop: Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner
Best for Gas Stovetop: Bar Keepers Friend
Best Heavy Duty: Hope’s Perfect Kitchen

At the end of this article, we share more details about our methodology for researching, testing, and reviewing stovetop cleaners, and factors you should consider when deciding on the best stovetop cleaner for your situation.

Best Overall: Weiman Cooktop Cleaner and Polisher 

The Weiman Cooktop Cleaner and Polisher is the best stovetop cleaner because of its effectiveness. When I use this product on my glass cooktop I put in much less effort with very little product needed. 

Although this is not a natural product by any means, the biodegradable formula works well to remove heavily burned foods, grease, and even grime. I love that Weiman has tested their product on a variety of major appliance brands like GE Whirlpool and Frigidaire, so you can have a bit more confidence about using these in your kitchen. 

I keep the Weiman Cooktop Cleaner in the cabinet next to my glass cooktop. I’ll break it out about once a week to deal with any tough grease stains but mostly to keep the stovetop cleaned and looking polished. 

Paying a little more for Weiman kitchen cleaners has always been worth it to me. 


  • Very effective on stains and grease
  • Need a small amount for a big impact 
  • Light scent won’t take over the kitchen 


  • Can cost more than other cleaners 

Product Details

NameWeiman Cooktop Cleaner and Polisher 
PurposeHeavy baked on grease, general cleaning, polish 
Amount20 oz
ScentLight scent, no fragrance
For Use OnCooktop, glass, stove 

Best Budget: Lysol Pro Kitchen Spray

If you are on a budget the Lysol Pro Kitchen Spray is a good solution. You won’t break the bank, but you still get a spray that works on grease and any type of kitchen mess you may encounter. You can spray the Lysol Pro Kitchen Spray on the cooking surface (when it’s cool) and simply wipe off. 

I noticed that a little more elbow grease was needed when dealing with baked on food. However, if the mess is new, the Lysol Pro Kitchen does a good job on the cooktop surface. 

Remember, this one is a little lower in price, so I wouldn’t call it a heavy-duty cleaner and polisher. Instead, it’s a budget friendly solution you can use throughout the kitchen, especially when cleaning for bacteria and virus prevention.


  • Very fair pricing
  • Can be used throughout the kitchen 
  • Wipes off easily 


  • Can be known to leave streaks 
  • Not as effective when food is baked on 

Product Details

NameLysol Pro Kitchen Spray 
TypeLiquid spray 
PurposeBaked on food, general kitchen cleaning
Amount22 oz
ScentCitrus scent -a little strong
For Use OnCooktops, counter tops, kitchen surfaces and sink. 

Best For Glass Cooktop: Trinova Premium Cooktop Cleaner

It’s often a bit easier to find the best glass stovetop cleaner than it is to find the best cleaner for ceramic countertops. I’m giving you this option of the Trinova Premium, but remember that my favorite overall is still the Weiman. 

With the Trinova Premium Cooktop Cleaner, you are getting a non-abrasive formula, which is really important when working with glass. In addition, the fact that the product is a natural degreaser, you won’t have as much scrubbing to do. 

Speaking of scrubbing, I love the scrubbing pad included with the Trinova. It works so well to remove almost anything from the cooking surface. However, I noticed it deteriorates really quickly on gas stove grates. 

I know this is a smaller bottle including this cooktop cleaning kit, but I use the size of a dime on my scrubbing pad, and it cleans the entire stovetop. 


  • Natural degreaser 
  • Comes with a scrubbing pad 
  • Safe on ceramic as well 


  • Comes in a smaller bottle 
  • A little more expensive than others

Product Details

NameTrinova Premium Cooktop Cleaner
PurposeGrease splatters, deep cleaning, polishing and protection
Amount12 oz 
ScentCitrus scent 
For Use OnGlass cooktops and ceramic cooktops. 

Best Ceramic Stovetop Cleaner: Cerama Bryte Daily Cooktop Cleaner 

Cerama Bryte is my favorite ceramic stovetop cleaner. Just like when shopping for glass stovetop cleaners, you must be sure you are working with a non abrasive product. I did some research and read into the brands that Cerama Bryte has tested their product on, and they included names like Maytag, Viking, Kenmore, and GE.

The bottom line is that this is a well tested product, leaving you very little risk of destroying your cooktop. 

I would recommend buying the Cerama Bryte cleaner that comes with the scrubbing pad. It works quite well. When finished with cleaning, just wipe with a paper towel. 


  • Provides heavy-duty, scratch-free cleaning​
  • Uses non-harmful, biodegradable ingredients​ such as Feldspar
  • Versatile for various glass surfaces and stains


  • Not suitable for stainless steel surfaces​

Product Details

NameCerama Bryte Daily Cooktop Cleaner
TypeLiquid spray
PurposeBaked on food, general clean and scrub
Amount16 oz
For Use OnCeramic cooktops and glass cooktops 

Best For Stainless Steel Cooktop: Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner

Back to Weiman with another cleaner, this time it’s a combination of a cleaner that works on stainless steel surfaces and one that cleans cooktops. This set comes with a pH neutral stainless steel cleaner that does not leave any streaks or marks on your stainless steel cooktop. 

I find this to be really good for cleaning and polishing. The cooktop cleaner kills germs and bacteria, works away stuck-on grease, and does a nice job even on things like your microwave. 

After trying several other cooktop cleaners on stainless steel, I found this combination of a stainless cleaner and cooktop cleaner to be the best choice.


  • Combo package that works throughout kitchen 
  • Handles cleaning and polishing well
  • Will fight germs and bacteria 


  • Need the stovetop cleaner and the stainless steel cleaner to complete the job 

Product Details

NameWeiman Stainless Steel Cleaner
TypeLiquid spray
PurposeStainless steel polishing, cooktop cleaner
Amount22 oz
For Use OnGlass cooktops and ceramic cooktops. Stainless steel

Best Gas Stovetop Cleaner: Bar Keepers Friend 

The drip pans on a gas cooktop can collect quite a bit of grease, grime and caked on food. Although the Weiman Gas Range Cleaner was a close second, I like the fact that Bar Keepers Friend is just a little more effective.

You will find that the formula here works really well on grease, something I think is important for gas stovetops. In addition, hard water mineral deposits come right up. Overall, Bar Keepers Friend is an affordable, easy-to-use cooktop cleaner.

Keep this one away from stainless steel as it is known to do some damage to the surface. If a little gets on your stainless steel, use a damp cloth to remove it as soon as possible.


  • Pleasant citrus smell 
  • Good product on stains and residue
  • Can use in other areas of the kitchen, and bathroom


  • Some find it to be a little too harsh 
  • Does not come with a cleaning pad

Product Details

NameBar Keepers Friend  
PurposeCooktop and multi surface cleaner 
Amount13 oz
For Use On Ceramic cooktops, gas stovetop, glass stovetop, but not stainless steel

Best Kit: Cerama Bryte Value Kit

The Cerama Bryte is my favorite cleaner for ceramic cooktops, but this particular kit is an incredible tool to have in your kitchen. The Cerama Bryte Value Kit comes with: 

  • 10 scrubbing pads
  • 2 oz grease remover 
  • Scraper
  • 28 oz cooktop cleaner 

If you use your kitchen a lot, this kit makes it really easy to maintain your stovetop but also keep your kitchen clean week in and week out. I love this option for a new homeowner who wants to ensure the stovetop gets perfectly cleaned, and remains that way. 

Don’t be concerned with just 2 oz of grease remover; you need just a few drops on the scrubbing pad for it to work. 


  • All in one kit
  • Comes with powerful grease remover 
  • Works well for prevention of stains 


  • Be very careful with the scraper as it can scratch 
  • Scrubbing pads tend to fall apart after two or three uses

Product Details

NameCerama Bryte Value Kit
PurposeCooktop cleaner, scrubber, polishing kit
Amount30 oz
ScentMild citrus
For Use On Ceramic and glass cooktop, gas stove top

Best Wipes: Miracles Wipes for Microwaves and Cooktops

Before I found Miracle Wipes for Microwaves and Cooktops I was using Clorox disinfecting wipes from time to time as a cooktop cleaner. It left my cooktop with streaks and they never did much to remove baked on food or water stains. 

Miracle Wipes are multi purpose cleaners, and the canister makes it easy to grab one and get your cleaning done in a matter of minutes. The best part for me is that there were no fingerprints or streaks left behind when I was done cleaning.

I was worried about oily residue and grease, but the Miracles Wipes cut right through it. You will go through these fast if you use a few each time you clean. Fold the wipe in half first and then use the other half to prolong the use a bit. 


  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Cust through oily residue easily 
  • Good for use on microwave as well 


  • Only comes with 30 wipes 
  • Not as much grit as you will find with a scrubbing pad 

Product Details

NameMiracle Wipes for Microwaves and Cooktops
PurposeCooktop and microwave cleaning
Amount30 wipes
For Use On Microwave, glass, ceramic, tile, granite, chrome

Best Eco Friendly: The OhSo Kitchen and Glass Cleaner 

The OhSo Kitchen and Glass Cleaner is an eco-friendly biodegradable kitchen cleaner that can work well on a stovetop. I’ll warn you that to remove stuff stains you will need a bit of extra time and a good cleaning pad. However, there are ways to avoid this by staying on top of spills as they occur. 

The OhSo Kitchen and Glass Cleaner has a nice fresh citrus and it is non toxic with no colorants.

For major stovetop messes, spray on a little extra but for most glass and ceramic surfaces, just a spray or two and a wipe clean with a microfiber cloth will be enough to remove things like pasta water, or a little tomato sauce. 


  • Biodegradable and eco friendly 
  • Clean citrus scent 
  • Comes with a lot of cleaning product for the money 


  • Not as effective as chemical based products 
  • Takes a little longer and elbow grease to work on stains 

Product Details

NameThe OhSo Kitchen and Glass Cleaner
TypeLiquid spray 
PurposeGlass and surface cleaner 
Amount16 oz
For Use OnStovetops, microwave, glass, sinks, stovetops 

Best Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser: Hope’s Perfect Kitchen

If your kitchen is recovering from a fish fry night with friends, Hope’s Perfect Kitchen will help with tough grease stains and residue. Simply spray Hope’s Perfect Kitchen and let it cut through the grease. 

My favorite thing about this heavy duty cleaning formula is the unscented nature of the product and the quick action. Whether you are dealing with glass stove tops or the countertop surrounding your stove top, Hope’s Perfect Kitchen can do the trick. 

I have noticed that there is no leftover residue, and the kitchen seems to stay just a little cleaner overall by using Hope’s as a preventive measure on grease. 


  • Unscented 
  • Easy to work with liquid spray 
  • Can work on a variety of materials in the kitchen 


  • Make sure to wipe it dry completely to get rid of residue 

Product Details

NameHope’s Perfect Kitchen
TypeLiquid spray
PurposeKitchen cleanup- specifically grease and oil
Amount32 oz
For Use OnCountertops, stovetops, appliances, faucets, tile, granite

Best No Residue Cleaner: Parker & Bailey Cooktop Cleaner

Here’s a quick tip to keep in mind. If you want a cleaning product that requires less scrubbing and no residue or streaks, make sure it is also a polish. The Parker & Bailey Cooktop Cleaner works really well for cleaning glass and ceramic cooktops. Simply rub in the cream and then wipe off with a dry cloth. 

What’s excellent about this product is that its non-scratch material effectively removes food residue and grease as it cleans. If you’re looking to restore your cooktop to its original appearance, this is a great option to consider.

I would use this one after cooking dinner, the harsh chemicals work well but they do leave a slight smell after the fact. 


  • Good choice for tough stains 
  • Non scratch material 
  • Polish leaves a nice finish 


  • Not an all natural cleaning product 

Product Details

NameParker & Bailey Cooktop Cleaner
PurposeStove top cleaner, can work on range hoods depending on the material
Amount8 oz 
ScentWind and rain
For Use OnCountertops, stovetops, appliances, faucets, tile, granite 

Best Cleaning Pads: Scotch Brite Stove Top Cleaning Pads

Sometimes with glass stoves it’s not always about the cleaner, but the cleaning technique. The Scotch Brite Stove Top cleaning pads make cooktop cleaning easy and stain removal easy. 

If you have been neglecting cooktop cleaning, and have burnt on grease, the Scotch Brite breaks it up almost instantly. I like the easy grip of these cleaning pads making it easier to use a little strength.

I have found that the Scotch Brite Stove Top Cleaning Pads are versatile; not only are they effective for cleaning glass stoves, but I’ve also used them on gas ranges with great results. After you’re done with the cleaning process, simply rinse the pads clean.


  • Can work well on gas ranges
  • Unscented 
  • Removes grease easily


  • It may scratch if you are not careful

Product Details

NameScotch Brite Stove Top Cleaning Pads
TypeCleaning pad
PurposeScrubbing and heavy duty cleaning of glass stovetop
Amount4 pads
For Use OnCeramic stovetop, glass stovetop, gas ranges 

Best Scrubber: Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Max 

The Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Max is my favorite scrubber for cleaning a cooktop. This may not be the scrubber you had in mind, but if you want a streak free shine, easy deep cleaning, and a quick after-dinner cleanup this is your best bet. 

I’ve had the most luck with the Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Max on glass stovetops. Simply dip the scrubber pad (which features Micro Bead Technology) into the cleaning solution and scrub it on the stove. No harsh abrasives, and no watermarks. 

As always with Weiman products, you can use on ceramic stove tops and induction cooktops from GE, Whirlpool and many more.


  • Non abrasive but effective 
  • Can use on glass and ceramic 
  • No watermarks 


  • Small amount of cleaning solution required

Product Details

NameWeiman Cooktop Cleaner Max
TypeScrub brush and cleaning solution 
PurposeNon-abrasive pad for cleaning and scrubbing of stove top
Amount1 pad, one container of cream cleaning solution
ScentSlight citrus scent
For Use OnGlass and ceramic cooktops 

Best Cleaning Polish: Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner and Degreaser

There are a few kitchen cleaning products out there that I’ll buy from smaller brands known for quality. The Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner and Degreaser is one of them. The Nordicare is made in Denmark and it not only cleans, but also leaves your stove top shining.

The cream is easy to apply, and when finished it leaves a protective film or coating on the stove top. If you have an induction cooktop, the Nordicare Stove Top is safe to use. 

If you have some mild scratches or are having trouble with the ability to remove tough stains, Nordicare would be a cleaning polish I would recommend. 


  • Premium cleaner 
  • Leaves protective film or coating 
  • Degreaser


  • Priced a little higher for a smaller amount 

Product Details

NameNordicare Stove Top Cleaner and Decreaser
PurposeCooktop cleaner and polish 
Amount8.5 oz
For Use OnGlass and ceramic cooktops

Best Multi Purpose Cleaner: The Pink Stuff Multi Purpose Cleaner

I don’t love using multi purpose cleaners to clean stovetops. Although they can work for removing grease, my personal preference is to use a specific stove top cleaner for removing grease and keeping the stovetop looking good.

The Pink Stuff Multi Purpose Spray is made with 100% natural cleaning particles. If you pair this with a good scrubby pad it does a good job, but it’s not as good as a cream type product from Weiman. 

Cleaning the kitchen can be a daunting task but with the right multi purpose cleaner in place you can get a lot done in a shorter period of time.


  • Can help with everyday kitchen cleanup 
  • Make with natural cleaning particles
  • Mild enough for daily use 


  • Not specific to stovetops

Product Details

NameThe Pink Stuff Multi Purpose Cleaner
TypeLiquid spray
PurposeMulti purpose kitchen cleaner
Amount25 oz
For Use OnGlass and ceramic cooktops 


Some of the products in our best stovetop cleaner research were tested in our own kitchens. However, even after testing, we also researched and read user reviews, both negative and positive ones. I’m most interested in findings where the products didn’t work as well or expected and why they were. I’ve tried many stovetop cleaners over the years and found that some are no better than dish soap and water.

I think what came across as most important when researching the best stovetop cleaners is that purchasing a product specifically made for stovetops may be a little more pricey, but it can save you time in the end.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Stove Top Cleaner 

Before you buy a stove top cleaner, whether it’s for ceramic or glass, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Ease of Use

Maybe you can relate, but I have enough things on my plate that I can’t dedicate a ton of time to cleaning my stovetop. When it comes to picking the best stovetop cleaner, you want something that’s not going to take up too much of your time. 

Cream-based cleaners are a good bet—they’re easy to use and they get the job done. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains and grease, a cleaner that comes with a scrubbing pad can be a real game changer. For those with glass stovetops, a non-scratch formula is a must. It’ll cut through the grime without leaving a mark. Ceramic stovetops? Go for a cleaner that’s designed to tackle stains quickly and easily. And if you’re working with a gas stovetop, a heavy-duty cleaner will be your best friend. 

Remember, the goal is to get your stovetop clean without it turning into a day-long project.


Some cleaners are labeled as degreasers, others as polishes, and some offer both functionalities. A cleaner that can degrease, clean, and polish your stovetop is the best choice, in my opinion. These all-in-one solutions not only remove stubborn stains and grease but also leave your stovetop with a polished finish. So, when you’re done cleaning, your stovetop is already shining and protected. 

Remember, the best cleaner for your stovetop will depend on the type of stovetop you have – glass, ceramic, or gas. Each type may require a specific kind of cleaner for optimal results. So, keep your stovetop type in mind when choosing a cleaner.

Stovetop Material

When choosing a stovetop cleaner, consider the material of your stovetop. Whether it’s black stainless steel, ceramic, or another type, using the wrong cleaner or scrubbing pad could lead to scratches and permanent damage. 

So, here’s my advice: Always check your owner’s manual first to avoid any missteps. For stainless steel stovetops, opt for cleaners that can effectively degrease without causing streaks or scratches. If you have a glass cooktop or ceramic stovetop, go for cleaners that are specifically designed for these surfaces, as they can tackle tough stains without scratching. For gas stovetops, choose a cleaner that can handle the uneven surface and remove stubborn grime. 

Remember, the right cleaner will make your stovetop sparkle without causing any harm.


You want a cleaner that can handle the job, whether it’s wiping the surface clean or tackling tough stains and scratches. While it’s tempting to go for multi-purpose cleaners, they may not always deliver the best results. Instead, consider specific products designed for certain tasks, like polishing or stain removal, as they tend to perform better. Cleaners that are formulated to break down stubborn grease and grime, and even fill in scratches, are highly effective. Some even leave a protective coating to prevent future stains. So, when choosing a cleaner, think about what you need it to do and pick a product that excels in that area. It might take a bit of trial and error, but finding the right cleaner will make your stovetop cleaning tasks much easier.


I don’t think of the best stove top cleaner as something that you will need to buy a ton of. I would choose a product more on effectiveness than on price because pricing is relatively consistent across all of these products. 

Environmental Impact

Consider eco-friendly cleaners that are effective yet gentle on the environment. These cleaners are free from harsh chemicals and dyes, reducing their environmental footprint. For instance, the Cerama Bryte Best Value Kit is not only effective but also biodegradable, making it a great eco-friendly choice. Regardless of the cleaner you choose, ensure to wipe off all residue before turning on the stove to avoid unwanted fumes. 

Remember, a cleaner’s eco-friendliness shouldn’t compromise its effectiveness, so you can have a sparkling stovetop while caring for the planet and your home.


When it comes to picking a stovetop cleaner, the type of cleaner you go for can make all the difference. Cream cleaners, for instance, have a knack for sticking to stains and breaking them down, making them a solid choice for glass and ceramic stovetops. If you’re dealing with a stainless steel stove, a cleaner that can degrease and polish might be just what you need. And for those with gas ranges, an all-purpose cleaner could be your best bet. 

Remember, it’s all about matching the cleaner to your stovetop material. That’s the secret to getting the best results.


Citrus is a popular stove top cleaner scent. Whenever possible, go for something with a mild citrus smell, like the Weiman products. The smell doesn’t linger in your kitchen for long. 


If you are a budget-friendly shopper, you may want to pay attention to how much of the stovetop cleaner you get when purchasing. However, I still find (and I clean a lot) that this is a product I’m replacing less than once per year. 

What are the Benefits of Stove Top Cleaners vs. General Cleaners?

Stovetop cleaners are specifically formulated to effectively remove grease and oil, and to polish cooktop surfaces, leaving them streak-free. In contrast, general cleaners may require more effort to remove stains and residue, and often leave streaks necessitating additional polishing. 

Precautions for Using Stove Top Cleaner 

When using stove top cleaner, make sure to follow these precautions and recommendations: 

  • Never clean the stove when it is hot
  • Wait a half hour or more until the stovetop is dry before cooking on the stovetop
  • Ensure you have ventilation when working with a stovetop cleaner that has a scent
  • Use a very small amount of the product at first; add more if needed

How To Use Stove Top Cleaner Effectively 

Now that you have a better idea as to which cleaner you need for your stovetop, here are my step-by-step tips to use the cleaner effectively and to keep your stovetop clean. 

  1. Let the stovetop cool completely 
  2. Take a scrubbing pad and put a dime size amount of stove top cleaner (Weiman Cooktop Cleaner if you have it)
  3. Swirl the cleaner around in circles covering the areas that need the most cleanup
  4. Take a clean paper towel or cleaning cloth and wipe off all of the cleaners 
  5. It will take several rounds of wiping, and you should not need to use water 
  6. To keep the stovetop clean, finish with polish to prevent tough stains from adhering to the surface

What is the Best Way to Clean a Burnt Stove Top?

To clean a burnt stovetop, you must use a stovetop cleaner designed to lift and remove grease from the surface. Water and soap just don’t cut it, leaving a finish with many streaks. 

How do you Get Baked on Grease off a Glass Top Stove?

To remove baked-on grease from a glass top stove, you must use a cream-based stove top cleaner. Pour some cleaner onto a scrubbing pad and work it into the stain. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as you won’t want to scratch the cooktop. Wipe the cleaner off and repeat if necessary. 

What Should You Not Use on a Glass Top Stove?

On a glass top stove, be sure not to use abrasive cleaners or any type of ammonia-based product to clean. You will be left with permanent damage and streaks if you do. 

Final Verdict

The Weiman Cooktop Cleaner and Polisher is the best overall product for cleaning your stovetop. When I used it in my kitchen, removing tough residue and oil was quicker, and the finish on my stovetop looked almost new again.

I found that CeramaBryte and TriNova were very similar in their ability to break down and remove tough stains, and prevent the need for additional scrubbing.

The key takeaway here is that cooktops absolutely require their own specialized cleaner. If you’re currently going the route of spraying Windex or some all-purpose alternative, your stove top is not getting the care it needs and you might be working harder than you need. Do yourself a favor and invest in a top-notch stove top cleaner that you can always keep within arm’s reach whenever you’re working your magic in the kitchen.


Britt Olizarowicz