​When you’re running a household full of people, the kitchen fridge often turns into a tangle of good ideas that don’t always pan out.

You’ve got leftovers for lunch, fresh fruit for the kids, and a few pieces of chicken from last night’s dinner that you swear you’ll use in the next few days. Somewhere in the mix, there’s at least one item you won’t get to in time.

Opened food typically has a limited shelf life of less than a week. If you don’t use it fast, you’ll have a foul fridge odor hitting you in the face every time you open the door. Stinky smells are sickening, and they can even cause other food to spoil quicker. 

That’s why it’s crucial to eliminate odors as soon as they emerge. For a fast fix, you can get your fridge smelling fresh with a plate of baking soda or coffee grounds. But when unpleasant smells are an ongoing challenge, a refrigerator deodorizer can be a real gamechanger.

A leakproof refrigerator deodorizer is a long-lasting, low-maintenance way to neutralize odors and keep food fresh longer. Make life easy with this review of the best refrigerator odor eliminator to try today!

1. BEST OVERALL REFRIGERATOR DEODORIZER – NonScents Refrigerator Deodorizer

The NonScents refrigerator deodorizer uses zeolite, a microporous mineral with several commercial uses due to its adsorbent qualities. Its ability to draw hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and excess moisture will not only eliminate fridge smells but also keep your food lasting up to two times longer.

Natural, non-toxic, and long-lasting, the overall convenience and cost-effectiveness of the NonScents odor eliminator earns it our pick for the best fridge deodorizer. Whether your refrigerator has a potent stench from a power failure or an ongoing need to manage bad smells, we recommend NonScents Refrigerator Deodorizer as an essential tool for your arsenal.


  • Zeolite mineral is excellent at adsorbing gasses and excess moisture
  • Single deodorizer lasts up to 6 months
  • Can extend food shelf life up to two times
  • Compact size saves valuable fridge space


  • May give off a strong initial scent
  • Not refillable

2. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

It doesn’t get much simpler than Moso’s natural air purifying bag, but it’s everything you need when you’re trying to keep the fridge fresh. The mesh bag is full of activated bamboo charcoal to suck in moisture and remove smells from your refrigerator, letting you keep your produce fresh for as long as possible. 

The bag comes equipped with a metal grommet and suction cup hook. Toss it in the back of your refrigerator or hang it up to keep your shelf space clear. It also makes an excellent freezer odor absorber if you’re worried about keeping your ice fresh. The all-natural bamboo charcoal is non-toxic, safe to handle, and rechargeable, so one bag can keep your fridge smelling great for up to two years.


  • Bamboo charcoal removes odors, ethylene gas, and moisture to keep food tasting fresher longer
  • Rechargeable in sunlight for several years of use
  • Charcoal can be recycled into the garden after use
  • Hanging hook allows you to position the pack anywhere in the refrigerator


  • Not refillable

3. Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter

The brand synonymous with baking soda can’t help but get involved wherever foul odors emerge to wreak havoc. Its classic product is already a go-to odor remover and one of our favorite DIY household cleaners. When you spring for the Fridge Fresh filter, you get an out-of-the-way odor remover to take over for the messy box of baking soda.

The Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh air filter saves valuable fridge space thanks to its suction cup backing. You have complete control over where you position the pack in the fridge or freezer, letting you put it in the optimal spot to purify circulating air. An added replacement indicator tells you exactly when it’s time to change the filter, ensuring your fridge air is always clean.


  • Replacement indicator tells you when it’s time to change the filter
  • 100% baking soda safely and effectively neutralizes fridge odors and absorbs moisture
  • Suction grip backing allows you to place it anywhere in the fridge or freezer
  • Food-safe and fragrance-free


  • Only lasts about 30 days
  • Not refillable

4. Fridge Ninja Natural Bamboo Activated Charcoal Fridge Deodorizer

Fridge Ninja uses the natural qualities of bamboo charcoal to absorb odors and moisture and keep your food fresher longer. The high surface area of activated charcoal eliminates the causes of funky odors like sulfide and ethylene gas without giving off a foul aroma of its own.

The Fridge Ninja is a natural and reusable deodorizer. It’s an excellent value when you need a long-lasting fridge odor eliminator. Available in packs of two, one purchase gives you a deodorizer for the main fridge section and another for the crisper to keep vegetables fresher. If you recharge it in direct sunlight for an hour every month, one pack can continue absorbing odors for up to two years!


  • Natural bamboo charcoal removes odors, gasses, and moisture to maintain freshness
  • Rechargeable in direct sunlight for continued use
  • Included thermometer helps you maintain the optimal refrigerator temperature


  • Only lasts about 30 days
  • Not refillable

What Absorbs Refrigerator Odor?

A refrigerator deodorizer usually uses natural materials to eliminate or neutralize smells and reduce the humidity that leads to mold growth and worsening odors. Baking soda is an effective odor eliminator because it sucks in moisture and neutralizes acidic gasses in the air. By contrast, activated charcoal and zeolite trap moisture and unpleasant odors on their surface to take them out of circulation.

How Do You Get a Rotten Smell Out of the Refrigerator?

Bacteria growth, yeast, mold, and mildew build-up are some of the most common causes of fridge odors. To get that rotten stink out of the refrigerator for good, you’ll need to kill the smell and the source.

Bleach is arguably the most effective at eliminating odor-causing microorganisms, but you may not want the smell of cleaner circulating in a sealed space. Instead, take an all-natural approach by cleaning with vinegar to deodorize refrigerator compartments and remove harmful microbes. Follow up with refrigerator deodorizers to continue neutralizing smells and protect your food.

How Do You Deodorize a Fridge Quickly?

The quickest way to deodorize a fridge is to clean it and remove the source of the odor. A refrigerator deodorizer or a plate of baking soda will reduce unpleasant odors around them, but they aren’t vacuum cleaners that efficiently cycle the air. It can take days or even weeks for odor eliminators to make a notable difference if you’re dealing with tons of unwanted smells from spoiled food.

To deodorize a refrigerator, you should first look for and remove the spoiled food that’s creating the stink. If it’s localized to a single container or crisper drawer, tossing the food and cleaning the area with vinegar or bleach should be enough to keep the odor from getting worse. Follow up with a box of baking soda or a refrigerator deodorizer to clear the air.

How Do You Prevent Refrigerator Smells?

Even the best refrigerator deodorizer is only one piece of the puzzle when you want to prevent unpleasant smells from returning. Maintaining fresh air is only possible when you have the fridge set at the appropriate temperature, which will limit bacteria growth and keep your food tasting fresher longer. Use a thermometer to ensure your fridge is between 37°F and 40°F at all times.

You can also keep your refrigerator odor-free with better food handling practices. Start by staying on top of expiration dates and regularly purging any old stuff that got shoved to the back.

Ensure you’re using crisper drawers correctly, keeping apples and anything that is fast to rot in a low-humidity drawer and anything that wilts, like lettuce, in a high-humidity setting. Use airtight containers for leftovers, preferably glass, which doesn’t absorb odors like plastic.

Get Rid of the Smell for Good with Professional Help

If you’ve tried every refrigerator deodorizer and cleaning technique possible to get rid of those nasty fridge smells and still haven’t had any luck, it’s time to call in the professionals. It only takes a few seconds to find the relief you need with Anita’s. Request a specialty cleaning today, and we’ll connect you with the service perfectly matched to suit your needs.


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